Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Well, I will try not to laugh, but I just don't think I can help it!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to dissapoint Zoompad, it looks like its back up

Zoompad said...

Pity, as now I have to waste my precious time screensaving the cussed thing.

Anonymous said...

I think you are even more evil than those you accuse. At least they do not pretend to be Christians, whilst simultaneously harrassing, insulting and constantly falling out with others.

Wickedness hidden behind a facade is not something God will forgive

Zoompad said...

Well, that's your opinion of me. Looks like you have gotten yourself a judges wig and a mallet and pronounced your verdict on me.

What a pity you haven't given me any chance to defend myself against your anonymous accusations.

Who are these people who accuse me of harassment, insulting and falling out with? Are you not going to give these people names, so that I can at least attempt to defend myself against your accusations?

Anonymous said...

God will punish you like he has done already. You are a fool for supporting evil like Syvret who in a court of law has been found guilty of lying and contempt. The evidence is out there and the judges have spoken.

Zoompad said...

Stuart Syvret isn't evil. He's sometimes misguided, but he isn't evil.

God won't be punishing me because of my loyalty to Stuart Syvret.

You ought to stop coming here threatening me you know. God doesn't like you doing that to one of his children. Remember what happened to the persecutors of Daniel?

Bad people will fall into their own traps, by God's grace, they will.

Zoompad said...

Politicians aren't supposed to do that sort of thing, you know. God doesn't let people be given authority so they can use it in a terrible way. You ought to know that already. You should read the Bible more and ask the Lord to forgive and guide you. He's coming back soon, so you should make haste to get your heart right before he suddenly comes back. You know what the Bible said.