Saturday, 24 December 2011


I had no intention of putting anything else up, but someone sent me this video, and I think it's appropriate that it gets posted next to the one above. Alex is feeling the full horror of what is happening all over the world, and his tears are a prayer.

Again, I had no intention of adding anything else to this blog posting, but the Lord reminded me of this song I wrote 20 years ago, and I found it in one of the tatty old exercises books I used to write all the songs I composed in, so I recorded it while I was going through all the horror of the Secret Family Courts, I think I was really singing it to myself at the time, and posted it onto YouTube, and prompted me to add it to the post, so here it is. The Lord always has a good reason for this sort of prompting, so perhaps the words in this song might help someone else who is going through it, I hope so.

Yet again, the Lord has drawn me back to add something to this blog post. Listen to these beautiful lyrics - they are a promise!

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