Saturday, 17 December 2011


I watched half of The Matrix last night, I am going to watch the other half tonight. I wish I had seen this film before.

It reminded me of when I first awoke to the realisation that the Secret Family Courts were stealing children and giving them to people to do vile things to. When I first got dragged through the Secret Family Courts I didn't know what was happening, I was so confused, because it made no sense to me the horrible way I was being treated. It didn't make sense to any of my friends either, people kept saying "Why are they doing this to you?" and I just kept saying "I don't know!"

It made no sense at all for the West Midlands Court Circuit to spend so much time and money on trying to destroy me. At that time, I believed that courts were places where people who had done something bad had to go, to be judged and punished. I thought that prison was where bad people went. I thought that judges were really clever and good people, and that a judge would never tell a lie or do a wicked thing on purpose. I thought solicitors and lawyers were people who knew all about the laws and helped the judges make sure that bad people didn't get away with bad things. I thought the Governments made the laws in Parliament, to make the country works properly, to make everyone have enough to eat and somewhere to live and not be robbed and things like that. I thought the Queen was in charge of all the country and had to read through all the laws and check they were ok and sign them so that they could be passed. I thought the Queen was like a sort of a judge, a very very clever woman who knew about all the laws and things that were going on. I was terribly terribly naive.

The Matrix is a really interesting film. I have only watched half of it, but it is all about machines taking over the world, and enslaving all the human beings. The people are plugged into an alternate reality program so they don't realise they are enslaved. They live in pink goo all plugged up to machinary, and the machines need them as slaves to generate electricity for the machines to work.

It sounds a bit mad, but it is sort of like the satanic activity that is going on. People don't realise they are working for the devil. They have dark desires (ie paedophilia) and they plot against God's children, and those who try to stop children getting hurt, ie Stuart Syvret, who is right now in La Moye prison at St Brelade, put there for trying to bring child abusers to justice. Some of the people who plotted against him, they aren't paedophiles, but the paedophiles have tricked them into helping them get Stuart in jail, because they have lied and said that Stuart is an anachist. Stuart isn't an anachist at all, he's just a man who wanted to see the laws and the Government working properly, and fairly, so that the laws were applied to everyone, with no exceptions.

Anyway, I am going to watch the rest of the Matrix tonight.

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