Thursday, 15 December 2011


Obviously! He never did anything evil in his whole life. He stood up to bullies (ie the Pharasees who were always plotting to have him murdered) He was kind and gentle to weak, vulnerable people. He didn't mince his words. He was very brave and very forgiving.

He was a pretty hard worker, he spent 100 years making a massive boat with some pretty basic instructions. I get fed up trying to put pre drilled shelves together, so he was certainly a very patient and persevering man. He also had a think skin, as plenty of people would have been laughing about his project.

He really seemed to care a lot about other people. He stood up for a slave, even though it got him into trouble with the Egyptians. He had a close relationship with God, though God seems to have repremanded him for doing what the Pope is doing.

He was loyal, and brave. He really loved God and when they made it the law to stop him talking to God he threw open his window in an act of protest against the ridiculous law, so that all the ones spying on him and plotting against him could hear him praying.

He was humble, but even though he didn't want to be a prophet, he obeyed God. I think he just wanted to have a nice happy life but he didn't really have much peace and quiet, as God wanted him to do some important stuff, but he just cracked on with it.

She was very brave and faithful to her mother in law. She must have been a very kind lady. She left her home and took care of her mother in law when the men died. She worked really hard gleaning in the fields. She ended up becoming one of Jesus;s ancestors.

King Saul had mad rages, and David used to sooth him with his harp songs. I imagine him singing like James Taylor, he's got a soothing voice as well. David wrote some fantastic songs, people are still singing them to this day.

He knew how flawed he was, but he tried to be a nice man. It was a struggle for him, what with everyone more or less worshipping him. He wrote some great songs as well. I like the track called Love, it's so beautiful, have a listen.

I think he is a really nice man, brave and true. I bet he will blush if he sees it written on my blog but I don't care. I haven't met him yet (unless he was the man who was at the Magna Carta that time, who I can't remember the name of) but when I do I am going to give him a big hug to say thank you for what he is doing.

10) MARY (Jesus's mum)
She could have been stoned to death for having an illegitimate baby, but she refused to give in to those fears, because she knew she hadn't been unfaithful to Joseph, and she must have been a good mum as well seeing as to how Jesus turned out!

He must have been a good dad. He taught his son some useful skills.

He could have walked away from all this horrible persecution he's getting, people calling him a nutter shoving him in jail threatening to kill him ect, but he is a really really really stubborn man, who refuses to give in, if he were in Bible times he would have done like Jacob did and had a wrestling match all night with the Lord. I thought I was stubborn but Stuart is something else! He has been fighting corruption in politics ever since he became a politician. He's kind hearted and I think he's great.

Some people might be a bit astonished at him being on this list, but I don't care, its my list and these are people I admire. The reason I admire him is because he really believed in what he was doing, and he really thought he was going to change things for the best. He was surrounded by some of the worst scumbags on the face of the earth, men so despicable that even cockroaches would not want to nibble anywhere near them for fear of getting contaminated. I got a reply from every letter I ever wrote to Gordon Brown, and he must have got lots of letters from so many people. You can admire a person for what they are even though you absolutly hate some of the things they have done

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