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I am reposting Linda Corby's comment from Voice For Children's blog, as a sort of a protest against Nick Not Nice And Dim and his only-fit-for-toilet-paper-45 Penny Dreadful Comic. This waste of paper and ink pretends to be a newspaper, but if you actually do manage to find any news in it rather than wall to wall propaganda then you have probably got muddled up at the newsagents and bought a copy of the Beano instead.
Linda Corby is jolly well not going to be gagged in Blogland!

Linda Corby said...
I am after the reporting by all media on our recent elections somewhat disillusioned.

No one from citizen media approached me during the elections for an interview of any description nor asked me any questions over the election period full stop.

Only one video was produced with me on it during the hustings by a citizen media person and he clumped my video section behind another candidates, not exactly fair reporting when this person did a load of individual people at hustings videos, so you could view one lady candidate in front of me on a video and the other lady candidate had three videos done of her individually, not what I would call an equal media coverage!

I won't ever bother to say anything on the JEP reporting, no need to really.
To top it off the JEP would not even publish my thank you letter reproduced below for your benefit,

Letter quote.
Dear All,
I Just want to say a big thank you to those of you who honoured me with your votes in the 2011 election, and give my congratulates publically to those who were elected and my sympathy to those who were not and I say "I'll be Back" .
Regards, Linda Corby End quote.

You might like what I got back from Chris Bright Editor of the JEP with regards to my thank you letter above.
Thank you for your recent letter of thanks concerning the election.
I regret that it is not suitable for publication in our letters of thanks columns, which are
primarily reserved for charitable organizations. You are, of course, welcome to take an
advertisement along similar lines to those of Senator Le Gresley or Deputy Green on
pages 12 and 20 of today's JEP. Our advertising department can be contacted by email
on advertising(a),
I am sorry to disappoint you on this occasion, but am sure you will understand my
End quote.

A lot of people commented to me during the elections that one of the reasons they do not bother to look at Jersey's citizen media on the internet is because (and this is from their comments)they only report on politics and mainly on Stuart Syvret and the child abuse case.

Now for example citizen media could report on the latest books published by local Jersey authors.

I just brought one out especially to help others and because I self-publish the JEP will not report on it or review it in any way, maybe because it is me? But they did say that they will not review any self published books, however I have seen reviews in their papers self published books before?

I went out of my way to make sure anyone could report in any way they wished over the elections, it was me that put the proposition forwards in the first place, seconded by Mark F and then agreed by all.

It would have been nice if full reporting had been done at all the hustings by any media so more people knew what everyone's answers where to all the questions asked.

I will be honest I personally felt let down by the lack of coverage done, and felt that the reporting as a whole was lazy by everyone.

It is actually bias as well as lazy not to cover equally all candidates whether you like them or not, whether you agree with them politically or not, in order for people to decide for themselves and vote accordingly.

Health permitting I will stand again for election in 2014, and I can honestly say that no media is likely to favour me, because no-one can say that any of them did at the last elections.

The only reporter to interview me after the elections was Edward Salt, go figure!

1 December 2011 16:40


Anonymous said...

Zoompad, have I misunderstood this letter or am I right in thinking Linda is complaining about the lack of coverage from citizens media ie voice for children , Rico, voice for Jerset etc.
I believe she had reasonable coverage in the main stream media but as usual the local blogosphere seem to have just one agenda.

Zoompad said...

Linda is complaining about the Jersey Evening Post's politically biased agenda.

The JEP has time and time again broken the accredited media publishing guidelines.

It is quite dreadful that unpaid bloggers (some of them victims of institutional child abuse) are having to do the job the press ought to be doing.

Zoompad said...

And I think you know very well that Linda Corby was not complaining about Rico VFJ ect.

Why don't you people ever want to leave your name when you come commenting on our anti child abuse blogs? You come waltzing on here, making sly remarks and you never tell us who you actually are. You are like a bunch of shadoww.

But the Lord knows who you all are.

Anonymous said...

We call citizens media in Jersey the Blogs, and the public media is know as Main stream media.
I think your mixed up Zoompad.

Zoompad said...

Perhaps I am, but theres no shame in that.

What with all the scandalous persecution I have had to cope with, and people coming on anonymously saying this and that, like a bunch of frigging shadows, turning the BBC News channel on and not seeing any of the news I personally know to be true and seeing wall to wall propaganda instead, well, sometimes I feel as if I have dropped into the middle of a film set for Alice in Wonderland or the Mr Men Topsyturveyland or something.

I think when your have a channel called the NEWS channel, you have a right to actually expect the news to be on it. Similarly with NEWSpapers.

Perhaps they need relabelling. Rename the BBC the Storyspinners, and the JEP the Daily FairyStory

Anonymous said...

Believe me the Blogs spin there own agenda too.
I have every sympathy for the traumatic life you have had Zoompad . But it makes me cross that the very people you hold in such high regard are notwhat they seem.

Zoompad said...

Oh, I know all about people not being all they seem to be. Don't forget, I was inj a Pindown "home" you know. Those people managed to con everyone what nice child loving people they were, when all the time they were pimping us kids they had trapped in that hell hole. So I'm not as green as cucumber, you know.

Zoompad said...

OOps, I wasn't going to post any more of your comments until you have the decency to put your name to them Tom.

Well, you got in that time but in future just put your name to your commentss, it causes confusion otherwise, and none of us want that, do we?

Zoompad said...

"I have every sympathy for the traumatic life you have had Zoompad "

Oh, and PLEASE don't tell lies. I know how much you care about what I have been through. You don't need to bullshit me you know!

Zoompad said...



Zoompad said...

I should never have given him my telephone number in the first place, but I trusted him.

We live and learn.

God is so good, he always leads me to the truth.

Zoompad said...

I am going to post these comments, because I am not going to be gagged, I had enough of that as a kid.

Tom Gruchy said...
Tom Gruchy most certainly is not leaving any comments on Zoompad's site. But is also puzzled to know why Zoompad cannot comprehend that Linda Corby is so ultra critical of bloggers here - not just the accredited media.
How strange it all is and such a waste of my time.
Perhaps my latest blog posting on will give both something more important to think about and comment upon.

2 December 2011 17:48

voiceforchildren said...

I'll not publish your last two comments. You clearly have a gripe against Tom Gruchy and that gripe would be best taken to his BLOGSITE although the subject matter on his current Blog should not be ignored particularly in favour of a personal gripe.

I know Tom Gruchy personally and can vouch that leaving anonymous comments ANYWHERE is not something he would do.

2 December 2011 18:15

Zoompad said...

Well, we'll see. I was right about John Hemming, who everyone thought was helping Stuart, just like he "helped" so many other people, who ended up in prison cells or losing their kids. I had his gang (including the defiant Newsnight paedophile Nigel Oldfield) attacking me for 2 years on the Mothers For Justice website, but its been like banging my head against a brick wall, because even people who witnessed the abuse would rather believe a "respectable" politician that a scumbag piece of rubbish reject of society victim of Pindown, even when they see the abuse for themselves.
I certainly wont be posting any more of the comments made anonymously onto my blog from the person I suspect is Tom Gruchy.
I'm sick of seeing people I like and respect getting stitched up by crafty trickers, but theres nothing much I can do about it. People have to learn through bitter experience.
I know you wont post this, and don't feel in any way put out about it, but as you have posted that comment on your blog I feel I must post this reply onto mine.
I think I will stick to posting about Christmas crafts on my blog from now on though, as I am sick of feeling like that bunny rabbit in Watership Down. I think it wears you down.

Zoompad said...

So Tom Gruchy is Mike Dunn!

Anonymous said...

Zoompad , if you ever come to Jersey I would like to meet you and take you out for afternoon tea.
You have my respect but I know you must be so suspicious of people.
A friend.

Anonymous said...

Tom Gruchy , is not a bad man, he's a retired architect with a real cincience for social justice .

Zoompad said...

I will come next year, God willing. It looks like such a beautiful place. I don't live near the seaside, and it must be lovely to be able to hear the gulls and smell the sea air any time you want to, because no-one is too far from the sea at Jersey. I want to meet up with everyone. We will have to have a proper tea party when I come over. xx

Zoompad said...

Tom Gruchy, well, I don't know if he is a good man or a bad man. But I don't like it when people post in different names, and pretend to be somebody else. I wouldn't mind if they were doing it because they were scared, because lots of people are being persecuted, especially in the secret family courts, and the judges and lawyers spy on them on social networking. I had them spying on me on Safeline. which was supposed to be a help site for people who had been abused as children, but they were using nasty mind control stuff invented by the CIA on that site, getting people to act like babies, and controlling them and getting them to fight with each other. There was so much bullying on that site. I like Stuarts blog,. Stuart is so kind and gentle, he never lets vulnerable peoplpe get bullied. I hate it that he is in prison.

But Tom Gruchy, well, he should understand that some people have had a dreadful time, because the paedos gang up and persecute the victims of Pindown, and they pretended to be women even on Mothers for Justice. They did all sorts of nasty tricks, but at least the Lord kept showing us what they were up to. I love the Lord so much!