Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I know how Stephen Nott feels. It's quite disgusting what Piers Morgan has said about him.

Piers Morgan also knows all about the secret family courts and Pindown. I wrote to Piers Morgan myself about all that, and I know other people have contacted him as well. I think this is really disgusting, what Piers Morgan is saying in this video.

As I said in my last blog posting, I have also been called a nutter by journalists.

I find this interesting as well.

Now, this was all a bit too hush hush dont wake the baby for my liking.


Zoompad said...

George Galloway and a journalist were on 5 Live this morning, can't remember the journaists name but he was trying to excuse phone hacking by claiming that they got some stories exposing criminality by that method.

Well, I contacted every newspaper in the country with sound evidence of criminality in the child protection agencies and the fmily courts, but not one of them would touch it! And I had solid cast iron evidence!

Theres no excuse for hacking peoples phones and computers to get public interest stories, there are plenty of people that the newspapers are ignoring who would be more than willing to give stories to the newspapers, for free, to expose criminality.

But the newspapers won't touch them.

Why not?

Zoompad said...

George Galloway cut me off from his program on Talk Sport when I was talking about the secret family courts, and I was blacklisted.

It really is a taboo subject, none of the newspapers really want to touch it. The Daily Mail and the Times did do some articles on it, but the goings on in those secret courts are so disgusting they ought to be front page news. There are women and children being systematically psychologically and deliberatly tortured every day all over the country in those secret courts.

Why won't the newspapers do a proper in depth front page story on that?