Friday, 16 December 2011


The paedophile gangsters (some of them very high in authority unfortunatly) are doing 99% of people's heads in, it's pretty horrific how just a very few bad eggs can stink the whole place out.

Well, pretty soon now, they will either be in jail or in hell. The ones that repent and turn their lives round, they are the smart ones, they might end up in jail now, but it's better to take your punishment now than later, when the Lord gets back. No-one will escape judgement, every one of us will be judged. The wise amongst us will already have invited the Lord into our lives, to make us fit for heaven. The fools say "There is no God" and carry on doing disgusting things.

Well, they won't be able to make the excuse that they didn't know, because I've been nagging them again and again and again to repent and be saved, but all I get from them is "You're a nutter" and "You should be in a lunatic asylum" ect ect ect. It's a waste of time trying to get through to people like that, you might as well shout at a brick wall, for all the good it will do. They're there again now, looking forward to Christmas, except they hate Christ, they despise Him, and they hate all his friends as well.

Anyway, enough of that for now. I am reading the Radio Times, in the hope that there will be some ballet on this Christmas, I want to go to see War Horse at the cinema, but there are usually some nice films on TV as well. I see they are doing another version of Charles Dickens Great Expectations. I wish they would do Dombey and Son as that is one of my favourite Dickens books.

I have found the page with the Christmas ballet, they are doing Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake again, what a dissapointment, of all the lovely versions they could have chosen of that beautiful romantic love story they have to go and pick the horrible version which is all about getting smashed on heroin. Well I won't be watching it, what a dead loss, you can't watch that rubbish with your kids.

At least there are some lovely things to watch on YouTube.

I used to love watching the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers films on Saturday morning.

Judy Garland had such an expressive face.

Danny Kaye was very funny

I love the Suffragette song from Mary Poppins

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