Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I simply wanted to wish Trevor and Shona Pitman Happy Christmas, and thank them for the way they have stuck their necks out to speak up for the victims of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse:

Anonymous said...
Thank you for fighting the fight for the most vulnerable. I hope you and your family have a peaceful and happy Christmas. xx


19 December 2011 22:42

Those disgusting creeps on the JERSEY HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE BLOG spotted it, and they wrote this:

Anonymous said...
Enrico says nothing to hide so nothing to fear but maybe he should start using 'cry wolf?' He is just like Syvret with his put ups or shut up, as when asked point blank to show the world evidence it goes all silent. He has no admissible evidence of a child abuse cover up, it’s all in his imagination and fooling Looney’s like Zoompad is easy, even Trevor Thickman has her appearing on his defunct blog, but convincing people who want to see more than a theory will catch fools like him out every time. Sky news would laugh at his blog for its grammar alone never mind its far fetched mumbo jumbo of a States of Jersey and Media that would need hundreds of people in on a cover up. It’s not just bonkers it’s bloody stupid.

December 21, 2011


Now, as that Blog of Doom is frequented and contributed to by some corrupt Jersey politicians and journalists, that means that ordinary members of the public are in effect being bullied by people in positions of authority for saying Happy Christmas to someone.

Not only that, but I have actually in the past been hospitalised 4 times in psychiatric hospitals, the first time, as a "place of safety", because the local authorities didn't really know what to do with me, my medical records clearly say that I was not suffering or being treated for any mental illness. The other times I was hospitalised were because I was suffering from clinical depression, which was caused by the child abuse I suffered.

So those people on that blog are committing a criminal offence by calling me a looney. I have PTSD, which I am unable to access any proper help for - I have been to my GP many times for help, but the help available has not been very useful, the last abuse councillor I went to broke the confidential contract he was supposed to uphold by passing on information about my counselling sessions to the secret family court. I am not blaming my GP for this, my GP has tried to help me, and it is not my GP's fault if the agencies I am referred to are not what they ought to be.

I have been told by those vile people on that disgusting blog many times that I "need help", which is another sly way of inferring that I am a raving lunatic who needs sectioning. I admit that I do indeed need help, as I know I suffer from PTSD and have an eating disorder, that causes me to eat when I am not even hungry, comfort eating, to stifle the pain I feel inside over the abuse. I also skin my feet until they are bleeding and I am unable to walk - I don't even realise I am doing this, until after I have done it and I can't walk, and a dreadful skin condition that refuses to respond to any of the various treatments I have tried. I certainly don't need "sectioning". What I need is for the bullying I have endured for too many years to stop, and to be able to access appropriate and confidential medical treatment, which ought to be my right by law, except that Pindown childrens home abuse survivors don't appear to have any rights!


Zoompad said...

And before anyone asks why I haven't asked the Lord to heal me, I have, many times. I don't know why he hasn't, it's certainly not because I lack faith.

He must have His own good reason for doing so, anyway, I know He loves me, and will continue to trust Him and praise His name. He knows exactly what He is doing, he sees everything.

Zoompad said...

Why can't those horrible bullies just leave me alone? I am sick of this.

Why can't I wish a fellow blogger Happy Christmas without getting those horrible men calling me a nutter? I shouldn't have to put up with that all the time!

Zoompad said...

I am not posting your post Anon, I am not "making a mountain out of a molehill", what they have written about me on that blog is a disgrace, they have said I should be put into a straight jacked and sectioned.

I have already been put into a psychiatric hospital 4 times, once as a child (when I had no psychiatric illness, it says so on my medical records) but as a "place of safety" because I had been raped. The other 3 times I was hospitalised (not sectioned, I was a voluntary patient) because of depression.

So them writing that stuff on their blog is evil, and those people are fully aware of my past as well.

As for wether I read it or not, thats up to me, if I am being written about on someones blog I want to see what they are writing. Ignoring it is not an option, how would you like it if people were writing horrible things about you? You would want it stopped, you wouldn't just want someone just telling you to ignore it! Thats completly rubbish advice, I have to see what people are writing about me, and the police should be stopping these people abusing me, if I was writing things like that I would soon have them booming down on my door, mas I had last year when I was falsely accused of sending malicious emails to a woman connected to MI5, the police came zooming round and didnt even check to see if she was telling the truth and if the emails actually existed!

Zoompad said...

As for "don't feed the troll" thats silly, some of the people who are involved in that blog are Jersey politicians and journalists for goodness sake, they have ganged up to get Stuart Syvret put in prison, and they are crowing about Lucy Panton being arrested, the funny thing is that if you look back at their postings its like they already knew Lucy was going to be arrested, now I dont for one second believe those people have had divine revelation, as they hate the Lord, so the only other thing I can think of is that they were plotting Lucy's arrest. I have seen that again and again on that Blog of Doom, them predicting something and lo and behold it comes to pass.

Zoompad said...

To the other Anon,

No, I don't think you were being malicious, I can see that there are several Anons, and two of them (including you) are not malicious, but one of them is one of the devils from the Blog of Doom.

I have to keep reading that disgusting blog, because I need to keep an account of the horrible crimes they are committing, cyber bullying.

Zoompad said...

Another thing is that, as I said, they post things that come to pass. Well, I have to save all the blog postings, so that when they maliciously persecute people their victim can get evidence of their plotting and the IP addies be sought by the police in any future court cases. Someone needs to do that, and people like Rico and VFC are too busy doing other really important stuff, so I am just doing my bit, I suppose I am a bit like the home guard in all this, a bit feeble and featherweight, but you never know that what I save might come in useful, like that video of Bailhache "making it up as he goes along" that I had the foresight to save, before Bailhache had it taken down off Youtube!

Zoompad said...

I think it will be those devils who will be needing the straight jackets after Christmas, because when the police suddenly pounce on all of them they will be gnashing their teeth and howling in disbelief and rage. They think themselves above the law and untouchable, but I know the police are going after them.