Tuesday, 20 December 2011


This is the latest attack upon me from the JERSEY HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE BLOG - which is the mouthpiece of some very corrupt Jersey politicians, journalists and gangsters.

Remember - I am not a politician, journalist or anything with any public authority. I am a woman who was abused in a Staffordshire Pindown home as a child, persecuted (as all the Pindown victims have been) to try to deliberately criminalise me, or to deliberately drive me insane or to turn to drugs or alcohol, as many others have been. Anyone looking at the paper trail of the disgusting persecution I have been put through could not fail to come to the conclusion that I have been deliberately and maliciously persecuted to try to either shut me up or to try to justify the abuse I suffered as a child in Pindown. I have yet to be allowed access to the full Pindown report, it is quite disgraceful that I have not even been given a copy of that document. I have many times expressed a desire to have access to that document, but my wishes have so far fallen on deaf ears. I am left wondering now if the original report in its full form still exists, or if it has been shredded. No-one will tell me anything, they know I want it, but they won't let me have it, and they treat me as if I don't exist, and every now and then I get another sly kicking. Anyone who has suffered malicious vindictive persecution will understand what I have been subjected to.

It is true that I am naive in some respects. I have been tricked, by people pretending to care about stopping child abuse, who have turned out to have a different agenda. The UK Column, for example, I really thought Brian Gerrish cared about stopping child abuse, but after what happened at Stoke on Trent I have realised my error.

I was sent for abuse counselling, and the first therapist advised me to write some poetry and paint some pictures, for therapeutic reasons, and I ended up writing a book which I got published, the book is called "Tip". I had to self publish it, which cost me a lot of money, and only a handful of people have bought it, but the book did buy me some publicity, because I got into the local newspaper several times, which made those who were persecuting me take a step back, because bullies never like an audience witnessing what they are doing. So although some people might think I am a loser for writing a book that hardly anyone has bothered to read, I think the money spent on getting it published was well spent, because it sort of was like a flashlight on the bullies who were trying to destroy me.

I gave Stuart Syvret a copy of that book, but I don't suppose he has read it, he's never said anything to indicate he has. I gave a lot of copies of it away, but I don't think many of the people I gave it to have read it. I gave Stuart a copy of it at London, when we met up at the Magna Carta, at the same time I gave him my treasured copy of Henry George's "SOCIAL PROBLEMS", a book which I came across at a second hand book shop, and I would rather he read that than my book, as Henry George was a Christian man who had some very good ideas, I think.

I don't mind that people haven't read my book, as I really only wrote it for therapy, and I only had it published because I thought that if I was a published author the bullies might be less inclined to hurt me any more, because they wouldn't want other people to see what they were up to. And now that I have a blog, it would be less easy for me to be disappeared, as so many other Pindown victims have been.

So really, you would not think that a person like me would be a valid target for Jersey politicians to throw stones at, would you? Well, that horrible blog - the Blog of Doom I call it, but it's really called the JERSEY HAUT DE LA GARENNE MURDER FARCE blog has been writing nasty things about me for years. Jersey politicians contribute to and read that blog, so you would think they would want to put a stop to one of the Pindown abuse victims getting singled out for verbal abuse there, but no, and whats more one of the victims of the Haut de la Garenne child abuse, a lady called Carrie Mondrai, has also been vilified on that same blog.

This might seem a bit of a pointless excercise to some people, but I am going to post on my blog every instance of verbal abuse I get from those Jersey politicians journalists and corrupt individuals, every time they call me a nutter or a loony ect.


Anonymous said...
Enrico says nothing to hide so nothing to fear but maybe he should start using 'cry wolf?' He is just like Syvret with his put ups or shut up, as when asked point blank to show the world evidence it goes all silent. He has no admissible evidence of a child abuse cover up, it’s all in his imagination and fooling Looney’s like Zoompad is easy, even Trevor Thickman has her appearing on his defunct blog, but convincing people who want to see more than a theory will catch fools like him out every time. Sky news would laugh at his blog for its grammar alone never mind its far fetched mumbo jumbo of a States of Jersey and Media that would need hundreds of people in on a cover up. It’s not just bonkers it’s bloody stupid.

December 21, 2011

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Zoompad said...

I don't know why you bullies don't just leave me alone. I still have quite a nasty kick for such a little girl!