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Reverend Robert Bradford was a Methodist church minister and Westminster MP for South Belfast. A deeply religious man, he had entered politics to try and improve the lives of ordinary people suffering at the hands of religiously-motivated IRA terrorism.

On 14th November 1981 Reverend Bradford was holding a clinic for his south Belfast constituents to help them deal with everyday issues like housing, welfare benefits, employment, etc. It was held at a community centre in the Finaghy area at the same time as a children's disco for underprivileged kids from the area.

A gang of IRA gunmen stormed into the building firing shots all around (including towards the young children) and murdered the minister and an innocent caretaker Ken Campbell.

Robert Bradford (Ulster Unionist politician)

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Robert Bradford, MP In office 1974–1981

Preceded by Rafton Pounder

Succeeded by Martin Smyth

Constituency South Belfast

Personal details
Born 8 June 1941 Limavady, Northern Ireland

Died 14 November 1981 (aged 40) Belfast

Political party

Ulster Unionist Party

Religion Protestant

Robert Jonathan Bradford MP (8 June 1941 – 14 November 1981) was a Vanguard Unionist and Ulster Unionist Member of Parliament for the Belfast South constituency in Northern Ireland until he was killed by the Provisional Irish Republican Army on 14 November 1981

Bradford was born on 8 June 1941 to a Belfast family resident in Limavady due to the wartime evacuation. Bradford's father left the family not long after his birth and his mother died so he was raised by foster parents. A talented footballer, Bradford signed for Glenavon F.C. as a teenager and his displays soon attracted the attentions of top English side Sheffield Wednesday F.C, who invited him to a trial. However, Bradford was not signed by the club and returned to Northern Ireland to resume his career with the then Belfast-based club Distillery.

[edit] Religion

Bradford gave up football in 1964, after deciding to train to become a Methodist minister. After spending the rest of the 1960s attached to congregations in East Belfast and Fivemiletown, Bradford was fully ordained in 1970 and given his own parish in the Suffolk area of South-west Belfast. Bradford would later be removed from post in the late 1970s and would spend the final years of his life without a church. During these years he came to spend time in the 'Bible belt' of the United States and became associated with Evangelicalism. Nevertheless Bradford claimed to always remain at heart a Methodist and also rejected suggestions that he was to join Ian Paisley's Free Presbyterian Church (which he never did).

[edit] Political career

Bradford first became involved with unionism in 1971 when he joined the Orange Order. From here he became more involved in the political side of the movement and stood as a candidate for the Vanguard Progressive Unionist Party in the Northern Ireland Assembly election, 1973 in South Antrim, although he was not elected.

Bradford was first elected as Member of Parliament for South Belfast in the February 1974 British general election, this time under the banner of the United Ulster Unionist Council (an alliance between the Vanguard, the Democratic Unionist Party and the anti-Brian Faulkner Ulster Unionists under Harry West), defeating the sitting MP Rafton Pounder, a pro-Faulkner Unionist. His campaign had been openly supported by the British National Front and, at a September 1974 NF Rally, Martin Webster read out a letter of solidarity from Bradford.[1]

Bradford greatly increased his majority in the October election, after Pounder dropped out, and largely maintained this increased majority in 1979. Between 1974 and 1978 he sat for the Vanguard Progressive Unionist Party until in February 1978 he joined the Ulster Unionist Party (then commonly called the Official Unionist Party), along with Vanguard leader William Craig and most of the membership. He was re-elected in 1979 for the UUP.

[edit] Death

A mural dedicated to Bradford, Oak Street off Belfast's Donegall Pass
Bradford was shot dead - by the IRA on 14 November 1981 in a community centre in Finaghy, Belfast, while hosting a political surgery. Kenneth Campbell, the 29 year old Protestant caretaker in the centre, was also shot dead in the attack.

The Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald made an expression of sympathy in the Dáil Éireann saying: [2]

“I would like to refer to the brutal murder, by the Provisional IRA, of the Reverend Robert Bradford, MP in Belfast on Saturday last. His death and that of Mr. Ken Campbell, caretaker at the Finaghy Community Centre, are part of a calculated series of atrocities committed in recent days. I know that all the people we represent share the sense of sorrow, anger and outrage widely felt in Northern Ireland at present.
The killing of an elected representative of the people calls for particular condemnation in the strongest possible terms and serves to remind us of the real objectives of the organisation responsible. The IRA has once again shown its utter contempt for human life and for the democratic process which it has recently sought to distort for its own ends. Its true attitude to democracy and freedom was summed up in a recent statement of an IRA spokesman who, when asked by an interviewer for a foreign newspaper about the wishes of the people in this part of the country concerning an aspect of reunification, replied, “We call the shots. We don't really give a damn what they want”.

His seat was won by Martin Smyth, also of the Ulster Unionists, in a by-election in 1982. A book about Bradford's life, A Sword Bathed in Heaven, was written by his widow, Norah, in 1984, dealing largely with his path to Methodism, although also examining his political career.

[edit] Bibliography
Norah Bradford, A Sword Bathed in Heaven, 1984

[edit] References

1.^ p182, Nigel Fielding, The National Front, Taylor & Francis, 1981, ISBN 0710005598
2.^ Dáil Éireann Parliamentary Debates - Volume 330 - November 17, 1981

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Seanad Éireann (Senate of the Republic of Ireland) passes motion of sympathy on assassination of Rev Robert Bradford MP.
NI Conflict Archive on the Internet

Parliament of the United Kingdom

Preceded by
Rafton Pounder

Member of Parliament for Belfast South

Succeeded by
Martin Smyth



Former cleric urges new probe into MP murder
Sunday, April 29, 2007

By Pauline Reynolds

THE former head of the Methodist Church is to ask the Police Ombudsman to investigate the IRA murder 26 years ago of UUP MP Rev Robert Bradford.

Former Methodist president Rev Jim Rea and Belfast councillor Jim Rodgers are due to meet with Nuala O'Loan tomorrow to call for the case to be re-opened following revelations in Sunday Life.

In our story, journalist Greg Harkin sensationally revealed how Special Branch AND Army intelligence knew details of the murder plot THREE days before.

Mr Rodgers also plans to raise the case with the PSNI Historical Enquiries Team.

He described our revelations as "terribly disturbing".

"Some people may think that because Robert was murdered so long ago it doesn't really matter any more," he said.

"But I believe it's important we find out the truth.

"Greg Harkin is a highly respected journalist with very good contacts and I have no reason to doubt his information.

"At the time of his murder, it had been rumoured Robert may have been set up, not by the Special Branch but by British intelligence.

"There were also a number of names put forward suggesting involvement in the killing, but no one has ever been brought to book. We need to get to the bottom of this and put it to rest.

"These claims will obviously have been very upsetting for Robert's wife Nora and the couple's daughter."

Mr Rodgers and Rev Bradford were good friends.

Added the councillor: "We had a lot in common, belonging to the same church and the same political party.

"We appeared on a number of public platforms together and his views and my own would have been very similar.

"He was a person who I held in the highest regard."


MP could have been saved
MP 'sacrificed to protect agents within ranks of the provisionals'
Sunday, April 15, 2007

In the third part of our explosive series The Special Branch Files, journalist Greg Harkin reveals how a botched undercover operation led to the murder of the Rev Robert Bradford

Shortly before 11.30am on Saturday, November 14, 1981, three armed IRA members carrying ladders and dressed in painters' boilersuits arrived at the community centre at Benmore Drive in Finaghy.

At first their arrival did not arouse suspicion; there was ongoing work at the centre.

One of the gang members, carrying a sub-machine-gun, took up position at the front door.

One of his accomplices shouted "freeze" before opening fire on the caretaker, 29-year-old Kenneth Campbell, who was returning to the centre after a break at his nearby home.

While one of the IRA men pinned an RUC bodyguard to the ground at gunpoint, another gunman quickly turned to the Reverend Robert Bradford, Ulster Unionist MP for South Belfast.

He opened fire, shooting him in the eye, chest, neck and ear.

The 40-year-old father-of-one died instantly.

As the IRA's active service unit (ASU) fled, the RUC officer fired three shots after their getaway car.

It was another horrific day in a blood-spattered year in which 117 people lost their lives in the Troubles - 1981, the year of the hunger strikes.

Today, however, 26 years later, Sunday Life can reveal that neither Rev Bradford nor Mr Campbell should have died in the IRA attack - RUC Special Branch and Army Intelligence had prior knowledge of the incident an incredible THREE DAYS beforehand.

They told neither the Rev Bradford, nor his police protection officer.

Three years ago, a former officer with the shadowy Army intelligence-gathering outfit the Force Research Unit (FRU) contacted me with information on several murders which took place during the Troubles.

He knew of - but did not know - 'Martin Ingram', another former FRU officer.

He hinted at a cover-up in the murder of the Ulster Unionist MP in 1981.

Now, for the first time, he has decided to tell the whole story.

I have since been able to verify these claims with two other sources not known to each other.

"The Rev Bradford was a sitting duck. The IRA had checked out the (community) centre before as a possible venue for a hit," said the source.

"He had certainly been warned that he had to be extra careful when he was there, but the information before the shooting was 100pc certain that an attack would take place that Saturday, November 14.

"This was not a general warning. We had someone in the IRA giving us information on the planned attack.

"I know for a fact that Special Branch also had someone inside giving them the same information."

The ex-officer claims he had spent that weekend expecting to hear about the arrests or shootings of IRA members.

"I couldn't believe it when the MP was taken out along with another civilian," he recalled.

"I made a point of finding out what went wrong. Our lot had put a great deal into this intelligence operation and I know Special Branch did, too.

"All the information was passed up (the chain of command), but nothing happened. I know that teams were prepared by the RUC to intercept the IRA team, but they were still on their way (to Finaghy) when the murders took place. They were too late. It was mind-boggling.

"But they shouldn't have been too late. They (the RUC) knew for three f*****g days what was going to happen, but there was no operation put in place around the IRA team as they set off from Andersonstown, there was no operation put in place around Mr Bradford or his home on the Malone Road, and the operation for the community centre was still leaving the station when the murders took place.

"It defies belief that this could have happened, but it did. Army Intelligence would have had people on the ground the night before, for God's sake."

But how could such a monumental mistake take place?

Branch sources say officers at the time were also furious that the Rev Bradford had not been saved, but put the incident down to poor planning and incompetence rather than any more sinister reason.

The former soldier however said he believed that now was the time for information on the murder to be investigated - believing there could have been other reasons.

"I believe the hit went ahead to save agents' lives," he claimed.

He admitted that he had "no evidence whatsoever" to substantiate this claim, but insisted: "I find it hard to believe any other reason.

"This is not just about Mr Bradford, either. There was also Mr Campbell who died and at least three Catholics were killed by loyalists in retaliation in the days after the killing."

Just hours after the Bradford murder, Stephen Murphy (19) was shot by a UVF gunman as he answered his door in the Oldpark area of north Belfast. He died from his injuries 10 days later.

Thomas McNulty (18) was murdered by the UVF as he walked home in the Short Strand area of east Belfast the day after the Bradford murder.

Two days later, Billy Wright, then UVF leader in Mid-Ulster, shot dead 20-year-old Catholic Peader Fegan in Lurgan.

When the MP and Mr Campbell were shot, children at a kids' disco witnessed the horrific murders.

A 15-year-old DJ described how he threw a chair at one of the killers while shouting at other children to dive for cover.

"The gunmen pushed the children out of the way as they made their way out of the building," he added.

An 11-year-old told reporters afterwards: "They shot the Rev Bradford about six times. We were quite close by. The shots were very loud."

The murders were widely condemned.

TDs in Dail Eireann stood for a minute's silence, but in Northern Ireland there were fears of an all-out civil war.

The SDLP leader, John Hume, said the murder was a deliberate attempt by the IRA to provoke the community into civil conflict.

Unionists reacted with anger. UUP leader James Molyneaux threatened a 'Third Force' if the Secretary of State, Jim Prior, did not announce a 'crackdown' on the paramilitaries.

At the Rev Bradford's funeral, Mr Prior was jostled by dozens of mourners. He recalled afterwards: "I had to make a run for the church door with my detectives shielding me. I just about managed to get through in one piece. "


He was later heckled inside the church and as he left afterwards he was jostled again by crowds shouting: "Kill him! Kill him!"

Earlier, mourners cheered and applauded when the minister conducting the funeral service called for the reintroduction of capital punishment.

The IRA admitted responsibility for the murders just hours after the killings.

The Provisionals' statement read: "Belfast Brigade IRA claims responsibility for the execution of Robert Bradford MP, one of the key people responsible for winding up the loyalist paramilitary sectarian machine in the North.

"Let Mr Tyrie (UDA leader) and the UDA know well the cost of killing innocent nationalist people."

The Rev Bradford had become a Methodist minister when he was 22, turning his back on a career as a professional footballer with Sheffield Wednesday.

He joined the UUP when he served as a minister in the loyalist enclave of Suffolk in west Belfast and was elected MP for south Belfast in 1974.

He became an outspoken critic of the IRA and had demanded the reintroduction of hanging for terrorist killers.

The Rev Bradford's widow, Norah, was 33 at the time of the killing. They had one daughter, Claire.

Speaking after the murder, she told reporters: "They have tried several times at the advice centre. They came at least two times before and they were caught out watching the advice centre, but he would not give it up just for them.

"He knew it would be the most likely place for them to get him.

"He never feared he would be attacked. He felt it was a possibility. He did not fear it."

It is clear from other interviews at the time that the Rev Bradford knew he was a target for the Provisionals.

He also knew the centre in Finaghy where he attended clinics at least once a month was a place where an attack could take place.

What makes the claims from a former Army officer more serious is the fact that the security forces knew an attempted murder was going to take place on the morning of November 14, 1981 and appeared to do very little to prevent it.

They know who was in the gang, who was providing support and various other details.

What is clear is that the gang would not stop at these murders. The gun used to kill the Rev Bradford was also used to shoot Judge William Doyle and Mary Travers several years later.

"Northern Ireland has to move on, but I don't think that is possible until we have dealt with the past," said the ex-FRU officer.

"I believe there has to be a lawyer-free truth and reconciliation tribunal where everyone makes statements about the past.

"Police officers, for example, are allowed under the law to waive the restrictions of the Official Secrets Act when they talk to the Police Ombudsman. "A tribunal could offer an amnesty to all participants - security forces and paramilitaries - and a way forward that doesn't involved expensive investigation and legal fees."

Today's revelations will certainly lead to calls for inquiries.

Mrs Bradford said of her husband's killers at the time: "The Lord will deal with them in his own good time. It is not for me to speak of that."


Roy Magee takes his secrets to the grave!

Roy knew a lot but fear and a sense of helplessness (guess why he felt helpless?) he kept his silence because he knew no-one would publish his claims! But I have! Because he blurted out what he knew about the murder of Rev Robert Bradford in a telephone conversation between us both in 1996. Powerful people WILL NOT LET this info be published in mainstream press or media!R

Read Ireland's most controversial book and discover the truth behind the murder of Rev Robert Bradford, the Kincora scandal and why so many people have gone missing since the 1970s!

Ireland's most controversial book!

"Disappeared off the face of the earth" by Jim Cairns

Controversial book - "Disappeared off the face of the earth"!


Zoompad said...

NI peacemaker minister Magee dies

Reverend Roy Magee, who helped broker the loyalist ceasefires in the 1990s, has died.

Quote: "He had the ear of ministers and senior officials in the Republic of Ireland and often spoke at seminars and conferences in the South. In the North, by contrast, he came to be seen as out of touch by loyalists — still respected but no longer thought of as one of themselves.

It was the price he paid for joining the peace process Establishment. "

Death of Rev Roy Magee at 79
Monday, 2 February 2009 20:08

Tributes have been paid to the Presbyterian peace-broker, Rev Roy Magee, who has died aged 79.

Roy Magee has died, as you will have heard on the news in Northern Ireland and in the Republic of Ireland

My name is Jim Cairns and I would like to inform the reader about some interesting facts about Roy Magee, facts you wont read in the Belfast Telegraph or in the Dublin press!.

I first made contact by telephone with the then Reverend Roy Magee in 1995. I was living in Kilkenny ROI at the time, having litterally fled from Northern Ireland after being involved in a paramilitary incident in South Antrim near the village of Doagh. To cut a long story short, I contacted Magee because I thought the UVF had "mistakenly" targeted me and tried to abduct and murder me on the 14th August 1994 and I tried to get that issue ironed out using Magee as an intermediate between myself and the UVF. (NB: Magee was known at that time to be an intermediate for victims and the UVF paramilitaries.)

You can read a more detailed account in this article: My Story, \Witchcraft in Ireland\

Zoompad said...

At first I thought the reason why the UVF targeted me was simply a mistake or because I have enemies within the UVF; and I can assure you I have several, even though I am a protestant, but I am not a true blue loyalist!

Magee contacted the UVF after I phoned him and told him my story, but they told him they HAD NOT attempted to abduct me! I simply did not believe the UVF! Anyhow, I got no satisfaction with Magee and the UVF but then something else happened in Kilkenny, which was of immense interest to Rev Roy Magee!

I discovered a christian prayer group in Kilkenny, which was behaving in a very suspicious manner! I came to one hard fast conclusion after a lot of contact with a born again christian in Kilkenny and that conclusion was that this Christian prayer group was in fact a satanic cult!

I phoned Rev Roy Magee from Kilkenny and whilst discussing my first problem about the UVF, I told Magee about this so-called Born Again Christian prayer group in Kilkenny and I told him I met one particular member of this "prayer group" called David Ryan and this person was talking and behaving like no christian I had ever met during my lifetime! This so-called Born Again Christian espoused the ethics of a fascist and the morals of a profligate! I also told Magee about a so-called "counsellor"

(who operated from a private house in Kilkenny one day a week , on other days he held "clinics" in Castledermot and in Portlaoise)

called "Dick Moore who informed me that "witches" often attended his "prayer meetings"! Magee became excited at my information and he asked me to send him all information on this strange "christian" group to his home in East Belfast; which I did. I learned later that Magee had passed my information to contacts he had in the then RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary). However the next time I phoned Magee he was not friendly disposed to me! Someone had ridiculed my "information"; someone in the RUC! I got these negative vibes from Magee for months afterwards and it was obvious the RUC had given this "Born Again prayer group" a clean bill of health; even though, I later discovered, that there were several people with strong Irish Republican links (IRA) in this "christian group, strange as that may seem!

Zoompad said...

Now, most people, such as myself, might just think; why would hardened IRA types be interested in the ethics of christianity - given that genuine christians espouse meakness, turning the other cheek, and believe murder is anti christian! Things such as this passed my mind and I believe most people would ask themselves - why are so many people, with "questionable pasts", calling themselves christians? I certainly questioned the genuiness of several of these Kilkenny Born Again christians when I heard their take on the Bible, which was the inverse or different from the christianity I had been taught from childhood!

I was annoyed that Magee had not taken my information seriously because by that time I was very uneasy about this so-called "christian prayer group" in Kilkenny. But as time went by I discovered a lot more stuff about them, which was astounding! I discovered that they described themselves as "Charismatics" and sometimes called their group the Pentecostal Church.. I discovered this cult had branches all over the Republic of Ireland and one strange fact was: they called themselves "born again catholics"! You see, I grew up close to the Church of Ireland (my father was the verger in St Johns C of I in Whitehouse County Antrim) and 2 of my sisters called themselves christians.So I know a bit about protestantism or the Reformed Churches (reformed or rebels from the original christian church - the Church of Rome! So, when I heard that these strange Born Again christians called themselves Born Again catholics - this seemed to contradict all that a reformed church stood for! In the Reformed Churches such as Presbyterianism and even the Cof I, a member of these churches cannot have any truck with the Roman Church and the same applies for members of the Roman Catholic faith. You have to be Roman Catholic or you have to be a rebel - a member of the reformed church! I was to discover later that this strange Born Again cult almost certainly has its roots in the USA and has spread across the world since the beginning of the "evangelical" crusades in the 1960s/1970s! However this type of "evangelical christianity" has its detractors even within the broader evangelic community, especially in the USA.

Zoompad said...

Quote: In the 1960's a new movement took shape, sharing the basic doctrines of Pentecostalism but advocating a "stay in" rather than a "come out" policy with regard to church affiliations. This movement is commonly known as the "Charismatic Movement." It involves not only various Protestant churches but Roman Catholic churches as well. In fact, if one is able to "speak in tongues" or if he has experienced a "healing," he is accepted by the Charismatics with little or no regard to his church affiliation or doctrinal deviation. When you hear Roman Catholics talk about how their "baptism in the Holy Spirit" has given them a greater love for the Mass, you know that this cannot be attributed to the Holy Spirit, but rather to a false spirit

See here: Read the full article in this link which is from a US based evangelical group which warns of the dangers of Charismatic and the Pentecostal evangelical born again christian "churches"!

The Charismatic Movement Is Dangerous - Watch Out For It

The Charismatic Movement Is Dangerous ...Watch Out For It!
Marion H. Reynolds, Jr. April 19, 1919 - Sept. 3, 1997

Quote: The CHARISMATIC MOVEMENT Is Dangerous Because...

"1. It accepts tongues, interpretation of tongues, visions, dreams, prophecies, etc., as being messages from God to His children. This is a grave danger. Once you accept "extra-biblical messages" (those which are in addition to the Bible but not necessarily contrary to the Bible per se) it is not long before you will be accepting "anti-biblical messages" as being valid (those which directly contradict God's Word). The Charismatic Movement has done and is doing exactly that. In reality, all extra-biblical messages are anti-biblical messages because God's Word specifically warns against adding to the Scriptures (Deuteronomy 4:2; Revelation 22:18, 19). The Charismatic Movement defends these extra-biblical, anti-biblical messages on the basis that, "New winds of the Holy Spirit are blowing." They say, "Who knows what the Holy Spirit may do?" Let no one forget, however, that the Word of God is a completed revelation and was given by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:19). We can be sure of one thing-the Holy Spirit will never contradict Himself. It was the Holy Spirit Who warned about adding to the Word of God. Therefore, those who add to God's Word cannot claim to be authorized or empowered by the Holy Spirit."

See also: Satanism and the Born Agains

Zoompad said...

I contacted Magee by phone many times in the years after 1995, often passing onto him new discoveries and facts concerning this strange Born Again prayer group in Kilkenny. On one occasion Magee disclosed to me that his friend Rev Robert Bradford had been killed because "he found out about the activities of the rich and powerful in Ireland".

See link: The Murder of Rev Robert Bradford

Over the years since I had assumed that the "rich and powerful" only related to those within the loyalist or protestant British society but I have discovered that was not quite the complete picture! I have discovered that the charismatic Pentecoastal church has members from the protestant and cathiolic churches who attend their "services", but they still attend their regular churches such as the C o Ireland, Presbyterian and the Roman Church. In fact many who attend the Pentecostal "churches" are protestant clergy. I suspect one particular Roman Catholic "priest" but I cannot say that he has attended the Pentecostal Church. However I believe there are many RC Clergy who are members of the Pentecostal church in Ireland! I can only write with some confidence about the Pentecostal Church in Ireland but if one searches the internet you will discover this cult has spread across the world to diverse countries such as in South America and to China! Many aspects of the "Charismatic/Pentecostal churches are extremely disturbing: such speaking in tongues, believing that a "christian" can be possessed by a demon and this is accepted within their "church"! Also the Pentecostal church practice of barking like dogs in their "services" , their "prayer meetings". Anyone with a modicum of sense and decency wil plainly see and accept that this is an evil cult, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the doctrine and the type of christianity as professed in the New Testament!

Zoompad said...

The doctrine of the Charismatic/Pentecostal Movement is evidently Anti-Christian, as outlined in the above article and from my own experiences and discoveries concerning the Charismatic Born Again Church in Ireland, I would describe it as a satanic church, which masquerades as Christian! Another suspicious practice of the Charismatic Church is their late night "prayer meetings"! A quick search of the internet will result in many links regarding all night "prayer meetings". I mean to say; why should any group of people stay up late or even all night to engage in "prayers"! You can only read the Bible so many times (and for most people it is a boring and tedious effort) and what can be acheived in an all night meeting that you cant do during daylight hours?

Personally speaking, I dont believe these "prayer" meetings are for the sole purpose of genuine christian prayer! However, it could a different sort of prayer they are involved in! Could the Charismatic "prayer meetings" be fronts for witchcraft or devil worship prayer meets? I believe that could be the case! Also if their late night "prayer meets" regularly coincide with the anual pagan or satanic festival dates, that would be too much of a coincidence!

In my conversations with Dick Moore (as mentioned above) he disclosed to me that there were 2 satanic cults operating in Kilkenny at the time I spoke with him, that was between 1995-1997.

See link which outlines this information - Establishment cover-up of witchcraft activity in Eire and Ulster

I phoned Magee many times between 1995 and 2000 when I albut gave up on him for help. I once asked Magee why didnt he go public with the information concerning the murder of Rev Robert Bradford; his reply was; "Im trying to stop the killing in the north by acting as a go-between for victims of the paramilitaries". Magee also told me that he had been getting deaths threats over the telephone. I have no doubt that Roy Magee was an example of a genuine christian - he tried to do the right thing but he was used by evil people within the paramilitaries and the RUC/PSNI for their own purposes. He was probably afraid to go public on the murder of Rev Bradford for fears for the lives of his family and there is one thing that Magee did accept: he knew that the "rich and powerful" were hard to expose:

He once told me on the telephone: "you feel so helpless!" NB: I have this on tape!

This is the book I published in Dec 2002, which details every part of my testimony and discoveries about satanism in Ireland and the state, media, police and judicial coverups.

The new book cover below is the Second Edtion - new look cover, added graphics and some new text!

Zoompad said...


The Story of Jacque "human sacrifice in Ireland"

This “story” relates to events and discoveries which happened to me between the years 1994 onto the present day.It involves missing persons, devil-worship,satanic abuse, child abuse ,and satanic murders or human sacrifice.

Prior to Aug 1994 , I lived in the British governed part of Ireland which is known as Northern Ireland or Ulster.I was self-employed in electrical engineering and owned my own property , modest though it may have been.I knew nothing about devil-worship , witches, or any connection that they might have to missing people.My only knowledge of witchcraft or anything devilish would have been the Hammer Horror films of the sixties , ie,Dracula and The Wicker Man.One could say that I existed in a world of naivety and ignorance.

I lived in an area of South Antrim, in Northern Ireland which was effectively controlled by the loyalist paramilitary group , the UVF.I was surrounded by people who would have been known to be UVF, but I never got involved with them except to be courteous and I tried to keep a safe distance.I had, however, been getting anonymous phone calls for at least 4 years but I put these down to someone that I knew who had UVF links.

There was a strange atmosphere around me during the time I lived in this South Antrim village and I remember telling my local”clergyman” that I felt a MALICE was upon me , even though I knew nothing about witchcraft at this stage!

On the 12th Aug 1994, I dropped my ex-wife off from my car at her home in Belfast after being out together on a social occasion.I headed off in my car for my home in south Antrim which was about 13 miles away.

I turned off the motorway at Templepatrick, the time was around 11.30pm and onto a dark and unlit road. I drove into a trap set up by a loyalist paramilitary group and I have no doubt that this group was the UVF.The first thing I saw was a white van and inside the van was the face of the man I had seen circling my home on the previous day. His face was unmistakable with his stocky face and heavy black moustache.I immediately turned back onto the motorway hotly pursued by this van and a white car which was moving much faster than the van. There took place a high speed chase involving myself and mainly the white car . I sped up the completely unlit motorway and I looked around and the white car was in pursuit ,but it must have had a problem because I saw its lights dim for lack of power or the car must have been carrying too many persons. I finally reached the next roundabout at Glengormley and I turned off only to be pursued by the white car which drove straight across the roundabout at extremely high speed and exited out the opposite side.At this roundabout , there were some cars even at this late hour .I reported this incident to the local RUC . I requested a police escort to my home in the village so that I could get certain personal belongings.Afterwards I left the RUC patrol and fled the area.Two days later , I drove across the border into the Irish Republic and drove at least 250 miles to the town of Kilkenny , where a friend of my ex-wife lived. I eventually got a house to rent in Kilkenny, and I am living here today.

Zoompad said...

I will not go into the details of everything and every person involved in this area for obvious reasons but I will name the relevant government depts , politicians, police depts, newspaper groups,and welfare groups which are all part of this saga.In the weeks and months ahead , incredible revelations unfolded and I discovered that a person once close to me had set me up for the murder/abduction attempt in Aug 1994.BUT MUCH WORSE WAS TO UNFOLD THAN SIMPLY A MURDER ATTEMPT, IN THE WEEKS TO FOLLOW.IT became clear that there were other much more sinister motives for this murder attempt.I went on to discover that the person who was once close to me was involved with the IRA and a SATANIC CULT which was masquerading as a pseudo Christian/ religious sect.I will not accuse all of the IRA of being totally involved with this Satanic cult but I will say that some of their members certainly are.That goes for the UVF as well , because the same cult is known to have /and had members who are UVF.(NB, It could well be the case that the UVF as a whole, are involved in this cult!)This IS one thing that the IRA and UVF have in common , membership of this cult; and this is widely known to Irish journalists.

After Aug 1994, a cult member moved into a house beside my home in Kilkenny, and between 1995 and Nov 1997 , I was subjected to a reign of Satanic terrors. During that period , I had 3 of my cars smashed up, stolen once , Satanic slogans constantly daubed on my car; and physically attacked one one occasion with a hammer. The local police were constantly at my door because of the attacks on myself and my property. On one occasion , the cult member and I ended up in a Brawl and again the police were called.There was never a prosecution or warning given to this cult member , who once told me that a local policeman was his uncle. There was indeed a policeman in Kilkenny with the same name as the cult member . and he looked a lot like him.

I discovered all about this satanic cult from several sources.I happened to describe the activities of this cult to Roy Magee(formerly Rev Magee, retired) when I spoke to him on the telephone on one of many occasions.NB. I contacted Roy Magee because it was known that he was a go-between for people who had been targeted by the uVF and UDA in Ulster.When I described the activities of this cult and their beliefs to Magee, he became excited and told me to send to him in Belfast all information on this cult and its members.He went on to explain that a politician friend of his had been murdered because he (the politician ) had found out about the activities of the Rich and the Powerful in Ulster. I will not name this high profile person but I will add that I have given this name to many journalists , politicians , police etc.Magee said that he went to people in power in Ulster to get this cult checked out but Magee was told that it was bona fide'.(I have no doubt that Magee went with this information to the RUC.)In the following conversations that I had with Magee , there can be no doubt , “the Rich and Powerful” people were involved in Satanic activities. Magee has since said to me , that he did not mention Satanism; but because Magee believed the UVF and not me , I decided to tape Magee and I did so.

Zoompad said...

Examine proof of contact with former Rev Roy Magee , Belfast.

Telephone records which show the numbers of various important persons with whom I was in regular contact,

Roy Magee knows that I taped him because I sent that tape to various people and I also admitted to him that I had taped him.The Ruc and Irish police policy regarding my information has been to ignore and deny all of what I have said. The RUC would not even listen to the tapes,when I offered to send them to the RUC.However , various independent persons have heard the tapes and there is no doubt that there is enough on the tapes to warrant an open investigation into the politicians death and the tapes about the missing boy.(explanation to follow).

In 1995, I first contacted Irish TD(minister of state for Health) Austen Currie , and I sent him a statement pertaining to events leading up to the murder attempt on me in Aug 1994.NB( The murder attempt on me in 1994, was not a simple and random paramilitary shooting. I have been pursuing this case so strongly , because of the identity of the person who set me up for that murder!! And because I Believe my children are in danger)

In Nov 1996 , after I found out about this Satanic cult , I sent a second statement to Austen Currie describing all the activities of this cult and their satanic connections.He initially was forthcoming but he changed his attitude and finally told me not to phone back as he was only interested in his own constituents in Dublin. This statement was given to the Irish Justice Dept but nothing was ever done about it.

Zoompad said...

In the following year 1997, many things unfolded and in Nov 1997 , the cult member moved out of the adjacent house to mine.

I acquired information on Satanic activities of this cult from another source in Kilkenny.This source was a local counsellor ( on religious affairs)who used a private house where he”counselled” people with various problems.(A bit like a voluntary social worker)I mentioned this cult to the counsellor and he went on to tell me that there were satanic groups operating in Kilkenny.He told me of human sacrifices and one boy in particular(which I have on tape).He also told me that top police , judges, politicians businessmen were involved in satanism. He went on to say , when someone went missing, those involved in high places would cover up the trails and protect the guilty.( all I have on tapes) I have given them to people who are fair and open-minded and I have (I believe) convinced several people.

NB. I went on to discover that the same counsellor , WAS himself a member of this cult and that the counsellor knew the mother of the missing boy personally.(I have him on tape saying that this boy was sacrificed)

In the years 1995/6/7, there was a big increase in the number of persons going missing in Ireland, (as was obvious by the small notices in the newspapers).In 1998, in the Kilkenny People , we discovered to our shock that 90+ persons had gone missing without trace since 1990. At the same time the Irish police kept highlighting around 6 missing women but “they never mentioned that there were many, many more people missing. This would certainly give the impression to “the man in the street” and to foreigners ,that only 6 people were missing when that was not the case.The high profile missing persons were mainly, Jo Jo Dollard,Fiona Pender,Annie McCarrick and later in 98 Fiona Sinnott,Deirdre Jacobs,and Ciara Breen.

At the same time that missing persons numbers increased , there was an obvious explosion in no-motive killings. ( I noticed that there seemed to be a peak to these killings about the time the Hale-Bopp comet was at its zenith.)

From 1997 onwards I continued to contact various politicians, police etc.Some of the people I contacted, and got replies from were ,John Cushnahan MEP.,Derek Nally(former Garda and presidential candidate),A Garda Inspector from Offaly,Rev Martin Smyth UUP, MP,Ken Maginess UUP,MP,John Hume MP,Monica McWilliams MP,The NIO, the RUC Complaints Commission,the Israeli Embassy in Dublin, and many more welfare workers in Ireland and England.

I have replies from all but one of these sources.

Zoompad said...

I had prayed for a breakthrough and one finally came in late 1999. All Irish Republic newspapers seemed to have their minds closed to my story and I already had contacted the majority of Dublin newspapers.There was one editor who did run with my story , but he was based in Ulster and this is probably the reason I had a front page expose’printed in Nov 1999 in the Irish Sunday People.It read , “New Clues to Kidnap Killing”.

I shared that article with Fiona Neary of the Irish Rape Crisis Centres and Patricia McKenna Irish MEP.At first Pat McKenna was a bit annoyed because the editor had taken a few liberties but in later months she got directly involved with the Rape Crisis Centres and sent me a complimentary letter on my work on highlighting the missing persons issue in Ireland.

To date I have had no satisfaction from either Irish or British police and Justice Depts , on the issues of the original murder/ abduction attempt or on the information pertaining to the missing boy,the murdered politician or on the “Cult”.

I employed the use of a computer and this has lead me through the door of knowledge and into a world which the satanics still do not completely control.I however find it very difficult to place my web site onto more than a handful of internet search engines, and this leads me to suspect some sort of censorship. I do not believe it is a technical problem , so I am rather annoyed that I cannot get my message out to the world. I have, even with limited access had several very useful replies from across the world.

I have discovered that the Satanic Threat is Worldwide and not only restricted to the English speaking nations.One piece of information I received implied , “to get international loans ,the relevant countries have to fulfill their sacrificial quotas” unquote.Incredible as it may seem, there are many such reports from around the world.The Alex Constantine reports that the CIA are involved in the cover-up for child abductions and satanic murders in the USA ,is another such story.

Knowledge of such things is still limited to the few as the news media is largely unwilling to run with these latest revelations, albeit that the Constantine Report has been out for some years.

All right thinking people will have to resist the Satanic threat worldwide and find all ways and means to let the people of the world know just what is going on!

Copyright of Jim Cairns Kilkenny Ireland

Zoompad said...

Jim, I hope you don't mind me republishing all this, so that more people can read it.