Sunday, 4 December 2011


I know that there are two sorts of hackers, the bad ones and the good ones. I have a proposition to make, that will save you from wasting your time, and mine.

Why don't you simply ask me what you are looking for?

I don't actually have any secrets. It would be a complete waste of time me trying to have any secrets, with so many snoopers and hackers spying on me 24/7.

I am a 52 year old woman who suffers from PTSD because of being abused as a child and subjected to years of malicious vindictive persecution. I am obsessed with finding out why these things happened, and who pulled the strings. I have tested positivly for Aspergers Syndrome, which explains why I am so obsessive about things.

I am a Christian lady who reads the Bible and talks to God (as the Bible reccomends that people should do)

I am a friend of the ex Senator Stuart Syvret from Jersey, who is in La Moye prison right now, on trumped up charges on account of him trying to help people who were abused in Pindown childrens "homes", and especially at the one called Haut de la Garenne, I met Stuart once, during his stay in London.

If there is anything in particular you hackers want to know extra about me, why not just simply ask me, instead of illegally breaking into my computer? I don't know if you hackers are the paedophile hackers or the good hackers who are cracking on with rounding up all the paedophiles.

Obviously, if any paedo contacts me (God will show me if they are paedos) asking for info, then they will probably get a lecture from the Holy Bible on how to stop being wicked and lusting after what it is an abomination to lust after, and offered prayer for deliverance from the grip of satan.

But if you hackers are, for example, from the police,and trying to help people, and trying to stop these wretched crimes, then I will be more than happy to do anything I can to help. But please don't just hack me, that's just silly! Just do things properly, and all will be well.



Rosie said...

You are one gutsy lady. I like reading your posts! Rosie

Zoompad said...

I wish I didn't have to write them though, I hate having to blog like this.

I like doing nice things, watercolour painting, arts and crafts, knitting and sewing, playing music, gardening.

Sometimes I feel like I've got sucked into some sort of weird James Bond film or somethimg. I used to be so naive, I thought the Secret Services were there to protect people and all the people in the Secret Services were brave people who were risking their lives to protect their fellow citizens. Now I know that a lot of them are a load of dirty scumbags who use the State registered secrecy laws to cover up all sorts of nastiness, child abuse, drug and weapon trading and murder.

I wish there was no need for me to have to do this blog, I really do.

Zoompad said...

Last night I made a nativity scene out of Fimo. I am going to make a few more and give them away, because I am sick of people trying to take Christ out of Christmas.

I really love making things. God made mankind to be creative, not destructive. Why are so many bombs and guns being made when there are so many people who need a home? We humans have the capabilities and the resources to make this world so beautiful and yet look at it!

I like that beautiful carol that has these words in it,

Yet man, at war with man, hears not the love song that they sing. Oh hush your noise, ye men of war, and hear the angels sing"

I can't remember which one it is, but I will find it and post it up.