Saturday, 24 December 2011


Dear Lord Jesus,

I am praying for the recovery of Prince Philip. I am asking you to restore him to full health.

I am asking this for the sake of the Queen. If he died she would be so sad. She has tried to be a good Queen, although made a lot of mistakes, the main one of which was not to have arrested those who have committed treason.

Nevertheless, it is the day we celebrate your birth tomorrow. It is the season of good will, because we remember how you were born to help us to learn how to be good.

You told us to pray for the government so that is what I am going to do. I hate it that the Queen didn't get to see my letter concerning the institutional child abuse that is going on all over the UK via the Secret Family Courts, the human trafficking.

I also know that although not a perfect man, some very wicked people have told a lot of lies about other people, such as Prince Philip, to make out that he is a lot worse than he really is. Although the horrible thing he said about coming back as a virus was a very unkind remark, I don't believe everything that has been written about him, because I can see for myself how corrupt the media can be, what with the appalling way Stuart Syvret has been treated by those JEP clowns.

So Lord Jesus, I am asking you to heal Prince Philip. Please help him recover and let him get out of hospital soon dear Lord Jesus, so that the Queen will be happy.

I know you are coming back very soon Lord. Help the Queen, please. I know she works very hard and its hard for her.

Love Barbara xx


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- Aangirfan

Zoompad said...

"Many Christians are surprised to find two Gods in their KJV bibles
God makes a very brief appearance in chapter 1 and the 1st three verses of chapter 2 in Genesis
God creates things and gives most of them to us, you can imagine the big smile on his face when he declares it very good!
The other one; "LORD" God is a different kettle of fish,
Destructive, Coveting, angry, sexist, racist and demanding
could they be two separate deities?
I prefer the one in Genesis 1:26-30"

Merry Christmas to you as well Ian Evans.

I don't agree with your version of events regarding the Bible, as I am sure you know, but I am very glad you have posted this on my blog and will look forward to having a very spirited Bible discussion with you after Christmas. I won;t be able to today though as I am on Christmas cooking and festive entertainments organiser duty - as all good mums should be!

Anonymous said...

Prince Philip is an animal abusing thug!

Zoompad said...

Out of respect for the Queen. I think she works very hard. It's her Diamond Jubilee next year. I think she's tried to do the best she could to be a good Queen. It's easy to pick holes out of people, but not so easy to walk in their shoes.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't talking about the Queen.

Philip is a hunting fishing animal murderer. Head of the World Wildlife Fund. What a joke!!!

Zoompad said...

I know you weren't. xx

Everyone will get their just reward for what they have done in the end. I don't think it will be too long before the Lord comes back now.

I think the Queen has always worked very hard and done her best to be a good Queen. It can't have been easy for her, hemmed in on all sides by The Brotherhood. She must have felt pretty lonely at times.