Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Anonymous said...
This is why the accredited media deserve respect for reporting the facts and not rumour mongering about conflicts, cover ups and inadmissible evidence because that's all what comes from these blogs and then they wonder why nothing ever happens.

Another year has passed since Operation Rectangle was closed and what's different on the blogs compared to this time last year? Nothing and this Zoompad from the UK should be sectioned with a straight jacket into a ward. The woman is deranged.

December 21, 2011


One day, I will have access to the justice system, just like other people who are not victims of the Pindown child abuse scandal do, and these horrible men, some of whom are Jersey politicians and journalists, will pay for their vicious hate crimes against me.

At the moment, I do not appear to be covered by the Human Rights Act. I am not alone, it's a sad situation, but at present some people, through no fault of their own, just do not have any access to justice, because of the paedophile gangs who have infiltrated so many of our authorities all over the UK. There's only really a small number of these wicked people, but they are subverting the whole system. It appears to be a man called Stafford Beer who invented this infiltration system,, which paedophiles and criminals are profiting by.

I am not insane. I have mental health problems, because I have PTSD, due to the abuse I have suffered from these gangsters. I also probably on the autistic spectrum, as Asperger Syndrome is a genetic trait in my family. Having Asperger Syndrome doesn't mean that a person is insane, it just means that they have a genetic disorder. It isn't my fault if I have Asperger Syndrome. Asperger Syndrome people don't need putting in straight jackets and sectioning.

Those wicked evil people have gone too far this time. I am sick and tired of being called a nutter, as I have been called a nutter most of my life. I am going to do something about this now, it's sickening. No-one should have to be putting up with this sort of wicked bullying. What makes it even worse is that some of these people are actually politicians!!!

Do people vote for people to get into Parliament so they can go round bullying people with mental heath problems? I don't think they do!

I don't exactly know what I am going to do to stop these disgusting bullies, because I have been to Stafford police and been told that they are "drawing a line" under it. But there must be something someone can do to stop all this, and I am going to find out how to do it. I am going to ask the Lord to help me to find someone who will stop these creeps bullying me all the time.


Zoompad said...

I am looking for someone to help me stop these vile bullies writing these horrible things about me. The Lord will lead me to somkeone who will help, just as he led me to that site which explained all about those two American perverts that the paedophiles virtually worship. I know the Lord will help me.

Zoompad said...

Its made me feel sick reading those horrible comments those people have posted on their blog, and feeling so powerless. There are laws to stop people doing that, but if the police and courts wont do anything then people like me dont have any access to the laws that are supposed to protect us.

The Lord will help me though.

I am not a nutter and I am sick of paedophiles and criminals calling me a nutter.

Zoompad said...

PRAISE THE LORD! He has already answered my prayer in part, by sending someone nice to my blog, to leave a kind comment. I was feeling really downcast, and the Lord saw, and he knew I needed a kind word and sent me one, thank you Jesus!

I know the Lord will help me find a way to stop this awful bullying. He always hears the prayers of his children.

Zoompad said...

We're all human, we need the warmth of other people, and the Lord knows that.

These bullies, what they do is they try to seperate us, they set people against one another. I remember some really spiteful girls doing that at school. At the time, I thought it was the whole class bullying me, but it wasn't, it was a very tall girl with long blond hair, a very pretty girl with a really black heart, and a smaller girl with a really spiteful looking face. I remember both those girls so well, they made me dread going to school. I played truant sometimes so I wouldn't have to face those girls. They used to stir up other girls against me, and it was horrible. It wasn't physical bullying, they never laid a finger on me, it was all verbal, but I think I would have preferred it if it had been a fist fight, because I was used to getting punched already, and might have been able to defend myself better against fists than vicious tongues. I can well understand what drives youngsters to take their own lives because of bullying and abuse.

Anyway, I am so glad that I can talk to the Lord, you are never alone if you are walking with the Lord. He never minds whatever problems we bring to Him, He is always happy to listen to his children.

Zoompad said...

I know that the Lord doesn't want me to be bullied any more, and I know he is going to help me.

I think I had better concentrate on Christmas now, I want to do some sewing, I want to make a hat for someone for Christmas.

I am going to knit it in different colours in Garter Stitch, and put some badges on it as decoration.

Zoompad said...

I want to make a tote bag as well, sewn not knitted. I have some old sweat shirts, so I thought I could recycle them to make a bag for a keyboard. I really love sewing. They taught us how to use sewing machines at school. and its a skill that I have used a lot.

Zoompad said...

My sewing machine is an old Singer hand machine. I used to have a Jones electric machine, but it broke down, I had it for 30 years before it broke. My Singer is from the 1930s and still in great working order. I paid £15 for it from a charity shop.

Zoompad said...

I have made three lots of bridesmaids dresses and two wedding suits in the past. The waistcoat I found a challenge, also the buttonholes on the jackets. I did them by hand on one of the suits, as I didnt have the confidence to do them by machine. They all turned out great, and I got a lot of compliments for my sewing skills. I used to do fine embroidery as well, before my eyesight went. Now I can see again, its wonderful.

Zoompad said...

I think cotton bridemaids dresses are much prettier than satin or silk. Satin is difficult to sew, on account of it being slippery, and silk creases.Cotton is cheaper, so you can be generous with it, and make a really frothy dress. It also washes well, and the easy care cotton fabrics don't get creased, the creases drop out. You can get organic cotton fabric easily these days. Theres a lovely fabric shop at Macchyllyneth, in Wales. I bought some silk there earlier this year, but haven't made it into anything yet, I am going to, after Christmas.

Zoompad said...

I wanted to lose weight and make a beautiful silk dress, but I keep getting upset and comfort eating, so I havent managed to lose any weight, plus with the eye operations have not been able to go swimming for ages either.

Zoompad said...

It's lovely to use your hands to make things. Most of my friends have useful craft skills of one sort or another. I always wanted to be good at wood craft, and thought about going to an evening class to learn how to do carpentry, but as it is I cannot even put a shelf up properly

JustMe said...

I Think It is Dispicable 2 say the very least, how you are being treated & targeted by those Negatives. Wickedness is it's own Punishment & Those Wrongens are Very Wicked People, I Ave a Couple of Hypothesis that may Help x

Zoompad said...

It's not just me that they are attacking, they've got Stuart Syvret put in prison, and he's a good person, he was the one who blew the whistle on the abuse at Haut de la Garenne. They have also got Lucy Panton arrested, they said they would get Lenny Harper ages ago, and now they have done this. Anyone who complains about institutional Pindown child abuse they go for, it's disgusting. They call me a nutter because I am a Christian and also because they know its a sore point with me because Ive been hospitalised with depression a few times - as a voluntary patient. I am not a raving lunatic, and them saying I need to be put in a straight jacket is a criminal offence, its classed as hate crime nowadays, the only problem is that the police wont help Pindown survivors, they run a mile from helping us, because everyone is desperate to cover it all up, and we Pindown survivors are like lepers

Zoompad said...

They are politicians and journalists on that blog, I know that because Sean Power gave them documents to publish, he got into trouble over that, but they get a slap on the wrist and dont care, the judge who put Stuart in jail, he wouldnt even allow all the evidence to be heard, the trial was a farce, he struck out important evidence. Why he's got involved in the cover up is beyond me, because he doesnt look like a pervert or anything to me, but these wicked core people, the gangsters and paedophiles, they seem to be able to drag all sorts of people down to cover up for them, even people who aren't perverts themselves. David Cameron isn't a pervert yet they managed to suck him in to the mess in 2002, because they are so crafty, they trick decent people, they trick them or threaten them or something, I know they falsely accused Gordon Brown of being a paedophile, they were PMing me on Mother for Justice, that woman called Lisa, whose husbang Steve was one of the Orees - and I think he is in jail again now, but she was one of them who kept trying to persuade me that Gordon Brown was a paedophile, but its because of what they did to the computers - the paedophiles had a computer whizz kid working with them, its all in the boastful book they published THE APPALLING VISTA by Brian Rothery. Peter Mandelson got shouted at by Gordon Brown in the House of Commins, he shouted "I AM NOT GAY" at him and lots of people heard it, and I believe him, but I dont think it was just being falsely labelled being gay that Gordon Brown was bothered about, it was the wicked false rumours that he was a paedophile, which the paedophiles and their wives and girlfriends were putting out that hurt him, and they did that so that they could trash the whole Operation Ore investigation! They hack computers, they have been hacking mine and other peoples, sending emails supposedly from one person to another, to create arguments and bad feeling, theyve broken into Facebook ids and done the same thing there. They are sickeningly evil.

Zoompad said...

They got David Cameron involved in 2002 when they got him to stop police investigations, but they called it police trawling, they have organisations, FACT, BFMS and others, they help people to get away with paedophile activity, David Rose Bob Woffingden and Richard Webster and others, they got David Cameron and other politicians into a meeting to limit police powers to investigate institutional child abuse, David Cameron couldnt have known what sort of people they were at the time, so it wasnt his fault. But thats how they do it, in a sneaky, sly, skulking way, and it makes me feel really sick. I am not a lunatic, as they are saying on their disgusting blog, I am a survivor of child abuse, and a Christian, both catagories in their eyes deserving of a straight jacket for me, they mock God, and that makes me sick as well, how can they be so wicked as to mock the Lord who gave them life and who gave them the food they have to eat and everything? I can understand people not having faith, but to openly mock God as they do, and call those who love God raving lunatics is not only wicked, its also a crime, but how could I go to court and point the finger at someone over that anyway, I dont think God would be happy about me taking anyone to court for that reason, even if I could. So I suppose the best thing might be to let God just deal with it all, and I know the police are re-examining a lot of things, perhaps I need to just let God and the police deal with it, and have more faith, as I seem to have done everything I possibly can, just like that man did when he alerted the police to phone hacking problems in 1999 and got fobbed off, but they are doing something about it now, I just hope they dont get taken in by the bad guys though, as they did over Operation Ore.

Anonymous said...

You deserve everything you get from that blog for writing crap about it all them time on your own stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zoompad,

I have just stumbled across your blog by accident and have not really had a huge look at it but I have a query about the page that I first landed on.
You refer to an infiltration system created by someone called Stafford Beer. I googled the name and I could only find reference to a Professor Stafford Beer (1937 - 2002 I think) who pioneered cybernetic management systems (I am going to have to re-google that phrase as I have no idea what it means).
If you could possibly post a link explaining what ou mean I would be grateful.
Good luck with your millenery and a merry xmas.

Zoompad said...

Thank you Anon. I will have to leave explaining about Stafford Beer for a bit, until after Christmas, because I am sorry but I want to have a few days off and do some nice things with family and friends.

So I will try to do a special blog post about him next year. Hope thats ok. I hope you will also have a blessed Christmas. xx

SteelMagnolia said...

Hi Zoom, sadly those who seek the truth will be abused and insulted by those who defend the indefensible. I know it is hard but try not to let them upset you.

You are a good person and I wish you peace at Christmas. xxxx

jkh said...

Zoompad, I have been following the case of Haut de la Garenne and Senator Syvret for a few years now.

I only found out today that Stuart is currently in jail. I was shocked to hear about that.

Your friend Rico Sorda has just joined our forum and I would like to ask you to join us too. Your blog is dedicated to stamping out child abuse - our forum now has the attention of the media, lawyers, and Scotland Yard and your voice can be heard on our forum. We need as many people as possible to speak up about child abuse and we would welcome you.

Please ask your friends to join us too. The link to the forum is

I'm not posting this here just to advertise our forum so please don't publish this comment if you're not ok with it. Please join us, though, and I hope when Senator Syvret is released from jail that he may also join us because the Jersey children's home scandal is a parallel case to the one we are working on about Maddie McCann.

In the meantime, I wish you a happy Christmas xx

Zoompad said...

Hi Jkh,

Yes, it's dreadful isn't it, Stuart is such a kind man. The only reason he is in prison is because he was determined that the child abusers of Haut de la Garenne must not be allowed to get away with what they did.

The Blog of Doom is posting up a letter that Stuart foolishly wrote to his ex while he was in a very upset state of mind. I feel partly responsible over that, as when we met up in London when we went to the Magna Carta and I saw his sad face I encouraged Stuart to write to her, only thinking to mend things between them, but I didn't know the full story, and I thought he might write a different sort of letter. Stuart is a good man, but the letter he wrote is an angry one, from a broken heart. It grieves me that those blasted bullies are reposting that email that they obtained through Sean Power.

Zoompad said...

I will definatly join your blog and Steel Magnolias if I can, I will try, but hope that the glitch the paedophile hackers put onto my blog which prevented me from joining other blogs will allow me to do so. I have been unable to post comments onto many blogs for about 8 months, because some paedophile apologists (probably paedophiles) hacked my computer and messed up my settings.

jkh said...

Zoompad, the link I gave you is to a forum rather than a blog so you shouldn't have trouble joining and posting. At least I hope not because it's time for everyone to get together to beat this.

You will be amongst friends and like-minded people there.

Please let me know if you have any trouble. I look forward to meeting you there. xx

Zoompad said...

I'm on! xx