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'Conniving' Margaret Thatcher is attacked by daughter of Michael Heseltine

Margaret Thatcher is accused of pushing her Cabinet 'into a corner' to stop Michael Heseltine succeeding her as prime minister.

By Richard Eden

6:24AM GMT 28 Nov 2010

Since Michael Heseltine helped force Margaret Thatcher from 10 Downing Street, he has been vilified by the Tory Right. Now, his daughter claims that he was the real victim.

"It was painful to see him not achieve what he wanted," says Annabel Heseltine. "I will never really get over the way Margaret Thatcher bound her Cabinet … she made it a condition that she would only leave if they promised not to vote for my father. To me, that was so conniving. She pushed them into a corner. That's not a democracy. I will never forgive her."

Speaking to Anne McElvoy on the Radio 4 programme Archive on 4, to be broadcast on Saturday, she adds: "We only found out because David Hunt was away in Japan at the time, so he had not been made to make that promise.

"Margaret Thatcher rang him as soon as he got back and he said, 'No, I can't make this promise now.' "

John Hutton and David Abrahams are united in defence

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John Hutton is no longer a Cabinet minister, but he is, apparently, still able to make sure that Labour donors are rewarded.

The newly ennobled Lord Hutton is the chairman of the Royal United Services Institute, which has just appointed David Abrahams as its vice-president.

Abrahams caused the "donorgate" affair when it was disclosed that Labour had broken electoral law by accepting donations from him using proxies. The Queen is the patron of the institute, a defence think-tank founded by the Duke of Wellington.

"We see our vice-presidents as international ambassadors," Lord Hutton wrote to Abrahams. "I know you would make a great success of this part of the role."

Commons Speaker John Bercow hosts a gay party

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has stepped up his campaign to "modernise" Parliament.

Bercow, who resigned from the Conservative front bench in 2002 after defying a three-line whip and voting for Labour's bill to allow homosexuals to adopt, is throwing a party in the state rooms at Speaker's House.

It will celebrate the launch of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Network for Parliament. How did they manage without one?

Michael Heseltine

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Right Honourable
The Lord Heseltine

Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

In office
20 July 1995 – 2 May 1997

Prime Minister

John Major

Preceded by

Geoffrey Howe[a]

Succeeded by

John Prescott

First Secretary of State

In office
20 July 1995 – 2 May 1997

Prime Minister

John Major

Preceded by

Barbara Castle[b]

Succeeded by

John Prescott[c]

President of the Board of Trade

In office
11 April 1992 – 5 July 1995

Prime Minister

John Major

Preceded by

Peter Lilley (Secretary of State for Trade and Industry)

Succeeded by

Ian Lang

Secretary of State for the Environment

In office
28 November 1990 – 11 April 1992

Prime Minister

John Major

Preceded by

Chris Patten

Succeeded by

Michael Howard

In office
5 May 1979 – 6 January 1983

Prime Minister

Margaret Thatcher

Preceded by

Peter Shore

Succeeded by

Tom King

Secretary of State for Defence

In office
6 January 1983 – 7 January 1986

Prime Minister

Margaret Thatcher

Preceded by

John Nott

Succeeded by

George Younger

Member of Parliament
for Henley

In office
28 February 1974 – 7 June 2001

Preceded by

John Hay

Succeeded by

Boris Johnson

Member of Parliament
for Tavistock

In office
31 March 1966 – 28 February 1974

Preceded by

Henry Studholme

Succeeded by

Constituency Abolished

Personal details


21 March 1933 (age 78)
Swansea, Wales

Political party



Ann Heseltine

Alma mater

Pembroke College, Oxford

Military service


United Kingdom

Years of service



Second Lieutenant


Welsh Guards

a. ^ Office vacant from 1 November 1990 to 5 July 1995. b. ^ Office vacant from 19 June 1970 to 5 July 1995. c. ^ Office vacant from 2 May 1997 to 8 June 2001.

Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine, Baron Heseltine, CH, PC (born 21 March 1933) is a British businessman, Conservative politician and patron of the Tory Reform Group. He was a Member of Parliament from 1966 to 2001 and was a prominent figure in the governments of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. In 1990, he stood for leadership of the Conservative Party against Margaret Thatcher, and whilst he was unsuccessful, this triggered Thatcher's eventual resignation.

A self-made millionaire, Heseltine entered Parliament in 1966, entered the Cabinet in 1979 as Secretary of State for the Environment, and was Secretary of State for Defence from 1983 to 1986. In the latter role, he was instrumental in the political battle against the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Heseltine was widely considered an adept media performer and charismatic Minister, although frequently at odds with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He resigned from the Cabinet in 1986 over the Westland Affair and returned to the backbenches. Following Geoffrey Howe's resignation speech in November 1990, Heseltine challenged the incumbent Margaret Thatcher for the leadership of the Conservative Party, polling well enough to deny her an outright victory on the first ballot. Following her resignation in a dramatic Tory "palace coup", Heseltine returned to the Cabinet under her successor John Major.

Under John Major, of whom he eventually became a key ally, Heseltine rose to become President of the Board of Trade and from 1995, Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State. Declining to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party following the 1997 election defeat, Heseltine remained a vocal voice for modernisation in the Party and is widely considered a leading elder statesman in the United Kingdom.
Michael Heseltine was born in Swansea in Wales and is a distant descendant of Charles Dibdin (from whom one of his middle names was taken). His mother was Eileen Ray Pridmore whose family came from West Wales where they were farm labourers from Pembrey. His mother's great-grandfather came from the village of Gretton, Northamptonshire to work at the Swansea docks (as a result, Heseltine was latterly made an honorary member of the Swansea Dockers Club). His maternal grandfather, James Pridmore, founded West Glamorgan Collieries Ltd, a shortlived company that briefly worked two small mines on the outskirts of Swansea (1919-21).

Heseltine was brought up in relative luxury at No. 1, Uplands Crescent (now No. 5). He enjoyed angling in Brynmill Park and won a junior competition.[1] He was educated at Shrewsbury School.[citation needed] He campaigned briefly as a volunteer in the October 1951 General Election before going up to Pembroke College, Oxford, where, in frustration at his inability to be elected to the committee of the Oxford University Conservative Association, he founded the breakaway Blue Ribbon Club. Julian Critchley recounts a story from his student days of how he plotted his future on the back of an envelope, a future that would culminate as Prime Minister in the 1990s.[citation needed]A more detailed apocryphal version has him writing down: 'millionaire 25, cabinet member 35, party leader 45, prime minister 55'. He became a millionaire and was a member of the shadow cabinet from the age of 41 but did not manage to become Party Leader or Prime Minister.

Heseltine's biographers Michael Crick and Julian Critchley recount how, despite not being a natural speaker, he became a strong orator through much practice which included speaking in front of a mirror, listening to tape recordings of the speeches of Charles Hill and taking speaking lessons from a vicar's wife. In the 1970s and 1980s Heseltine's conference speech was often to be the highlight of the Conservative Party Conference despite his views being well to the left of the then leader Margaret Thatcher.

He was eventually elected to the committee of the Oxford Union after five terms at the University. The following year (1953-4), having challenged unsuccessfully for the Presidency the previous summer, he served in top place on the committee, then as Secretary, and then Treasurer. During this last post he reopened the Union cellars for business and persuaded the visiting Sir Bernard and Lady Docker to contribute to the considerable cost. After graduating with a second-class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics,[citation needed] described by his own tutor as "a great and undeserved triumph", he was permitted to stay on for an extra term to serve as President of the Oxford Union for Michaelmas term 1954 having been elected with the assistance of leading Oxford socialists Anthony Howard and Jeremy Isaacs.

After graduating he built up a property business in partnership with his Oxford friend Ian Josephs. With financial support from both of their families they started with a boarding house in Clanricarde Gardens and progressed to various other properties in the Bayswater area. He trained as an accountant but after failing his accountancy exams in 1958[citation needed] could no longer avoid conscription into National Service.

Heseltine later admitted to admiring the military as his father, who died in 1957,[citation needed] had been a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Royal Engineers in the Second World War and active in the Territorial Army thereafter. Heseltine felt that his business career was too important to be disrupted although he and his father took the precaution of arranging interviews to increase his chances of attaining an officer's commission in case he had to serve.[2] Heseltine had been lucky not to be called up for the Korean War in the early 1950s or the Suez Crisis in 1956 but in the final years of National Service, already due for abolition by 1960, an effort was made to call up men who had so far managed to postpone service. Despite having almost reached the newly reduced maximum call-up age of twenty-six, Heseltine was conscripted in January 1959, becoming a Second Lieutenant in the Welsh Guards. Heseltine left the Guards to contest the General Election that year, according to Ian Josephs this had been his plan from the start,[3] and was exempted on business grounds from the remaining sixteen months of service. During the 1980s his habit of wearing a Guards regimental tie, sometimes incorrectly tied with a red stripe across the knot, was the subject of much acerbic comment from military figures and from older MPs with extensive war records. Crick estimated that he must have worn the tie on more days than he actually served in the Guards.[4]

Heseltine built a housing estate at Tenterden, Kent which failed to sell and was beset with repair problems until after his election to Parliament,[5] founded the magazine publishing company Haymarket in collaboration with another Oxford friend Clive Labovitch and early in the 1960s acquired the famous (but unprofitable) magazine Man About Town whose title he shortened to About Town then simply Town. In 1962 he also briefly published a well-received[citation needed] weekly newspaper,Topic, which folded but whose journalists later became the Sunday Times Insight Team. Between 1960 and 1964 he also worked as a part-time interviewer for ITV.

After rapid expansion Heseltine's businesses were badly hit by the Selwyn Lloyd credit squeeze of 1962 and, still not yet thirty years old, he would eventually owe £250,000 (over £3 million at 2007 prices). He claims to have been lent a badly needed £60,000 by a bank manager who retired the same day. Later, during the 1990s, Heseltine joked about how he had avoided bankruptcy by such stratagems as paying bills only when threatened with legal action or sending out insufficiently completed cheques although it has never been suggested that he did not pay off all his debts eventually. It was during this period of stress that he took up gardening as a serious hobby.

In 1967, Heseltine secured Haymarket's financial future by selling a majority stake to the British Printing Corporation retaining a large shareholding himself.[citation needed] Under the management of Lindsay Masters, the company grew publishing a series of profitable motoring, management and advertising journals and making Heseltine a personal fortune of hundreds of millions of pounds.[citation needed]

[edit] Member of Parliament

Heseltine contested the safe Labour seat of Gower in 1959 and in 1964 the marginal constituency of Coventry North, which he lost to the Labour incumbent Maurice Edelman by 3,530 votes. Heseltine was eventually successful in 1966 becoming the Member of Parliament (MP) for the safe Conservative seat of Tavistock in Devon. After the abolition of the Tavistock constituency he represented Henley from February 1974.

Following the Conservative victory in the 1970 General Election Heseltine was promoted to the Government by the Prime Minister Edward Heath serving briefly as a junior minister at the Department of Transport before moving to the Department for the Environment where he was partly responsible for shepherding the Local Government Act 1972 through Parliament. In 1972, he moved to the Department of Industry, which he subsequently shadowed, now as a member of the Shadow Cabinet - during the subsequent spell in opposition.

As Minister for Aerospace in 1973, Heseltine was responsible for persuading other governments to invest in Concorde and was accused of misleading the House of Commons when he stated that the government was still considering giving financial support to the Tracked Hovercraft when the Cabinet had already decided to withdraw funding. Although his chief critic Airey Neave disliked Heseltine as a brash 'arriviste' Neave's real target, in the view of Heseltine's PPS Cecil Parkinson, was Heath, whom Neave detested and later helped to topple from party leader in 1975.

Heseltine was Shadow Industry Secretary throughout the Conservative's 1974-79 time in opposition gaining notoriety following a 1976 incident in the House of Commons during the debate on measures introduced by the Labour Government to nationalise the shipbuilding and aerospace industries. Accounts of exactly what happened vary but the most colourful image portrayed Heseltine seizing the mace and brandishing it towards Labour left-wingers who were celebrating their winning the vote by singing the Red Flag. The Speaker suspended the sitting. Heseltine subsequently acquired the nickname Tarzan and was thereafter depicted as such, complete with loin-cloth, in the "If" series drawn by satirical political cartoonist Steve Bell. During the 1980s this macho image was reinforced by the satirical TV puppet show Spitting Image, which portrayed him as a camouflage wearing psychopath reminiscent of the 1960s white British mercenary of the Congo "Mad Mike" Col. Mike Hoare. This was after an occasion when, as Defence Secretary in Margaret Thatcher's government, he had been persuaded to don a camouflaged anorak over his suit while inspecting troops in the rain on 6 February 1985 when he deployed 1500 police and soldiers to fence off RAF Molesworth to prevent anti-nuclear protesters from entering the cruise missile base.

[edit] Member of the Cabinet

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher appointed Heseltine to the cabinet as Secretary of State for the Environment in 1979 after her election victory that year. He was a key figure in the sale of council houses and was sent in as a troubleshooter to deal with the explosion of violence in Britain's inner cities in the aftermath of the Brixton and Toxteth riots during the early 1980s. As Environment Secretary in 1981 he opened Britain's first Enterprise Zone at Corby in Northamptonshire. Heseltine was responsible for developing the policies that led to five bi-annual National Garden Festivals starting in 1984. He established Development Corporations that were directly appointed by the minister and overrode local authority planning controls, a controversial measure in Labour strongholds such as East London, Merseyside and North East England.

Heseltine then served as Secretary of State for Defence from January 1983 - his presentational skills being used to take on the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the June 1983 General Election - until January 1986, when he resigned in a bitter dispute with Margaret Thatcher over the Westland Affair. Heseltine gathered his papers, got up from his chair and proclaimed "I can no longer be a member of this Cabinet" and then left the room.[6] Heseltine then stormed out of Downing Street and famously announced his resignation to the assembled media.

[edit] Backbenches and leadership contest

He returned to the backbenches where he became increasingly critical of Margaret Thatcher's performance, declining to support the passage of the Community Charge (popularly known as the poll tax) through Parliament in 1988, although he actually voted against the government only when he supported an amendment proposed by his ally Michael Mates that would have adjusted the charge tax to take account of ability to pay. He abstained in the November 1989 Conservative Party leadership election, in which Sir Anthony Meyer challenged for the party leadership and repeatedly insisted that he could "not foresee ... circumstances" in which he would challenge Thatcher for the leadership. Following Sir Geoffrey Howe's resignation speech in November 1990[7] Heseltine announced his candidacy for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

During the subsequent leadership election, he polled 152 votes (just over 40%) in the first round of voting by Conservative MPs, enough to prevent an outright Thatcher victory (the rules required an incumbent leader to obtain a majority of 15%; Thatcher had polled 204, just under 55%). Heseltine was thought by many pundits to be on course to beat her in the second ballot as many Conservative MPs were now rumoured to be ready to switch support from Thatcher and only 26 would have had to do so to give Heseltine the overall majority he needed in the second ballot.

With lukewarm support from her Cabinet, most of whom told her that she could not win and faced with the bitter prospect of a Heseltine premiership Thatcher withdrew from the contest. That weekend, many Conservative MPs were faced with the anger of their local party members who overwhelmingly supported Thatcher but did not at that time have a vote in leadership elections, and opinion polls showed that John Major would also boost Conservative support if leader (previously Heseltine's unique selling-point). In the second ballot, a week after the first, Heseltine's vote actually fell to 131 (just over 35%) as some MPs had voted for him in the first ballot as a protest against or to try to oust Thatcher but preferred to vote for other candidates now that they had a wider choice. John Major, with 185 votes, was only two votes short of an overall majority and Heseltine immediately and publicly conceded defeat announcing that he would vote for Major if the third ballot went ahead (it did not, as Douglas Hurd, who had finished a distant third, also conceded). Although for the rest of his career Heseltine's role in Thatcher's downfall earned him enmity from Thatcher's supporters in the Conservative Party, this opprobrium was not universal. In a reference to the reluctance of the Cabinet to support Thatcher on the second ballot, Edward Leigh said of Heseltine: "At least he stabbed her in the front".

[edit] Return to the Cabinet

Heseltine then returned to government as Secretary of State for the Environment, with particular responsibility for 'reviewing' the Community Charge, widely and correctly expected to lead to poll tax being abolished, allegedly declining an offer of the position of Home Secretary. After the 1992 general election he was appointed Secretary of State for Trade and Industry choosing to be known by the title, dormant since 1974, of President of the Board of Trade and promising to intervene "before breakfast, dinner and tea" to help British companies.

Heseltine's responsibilities also included Energy, which was previously a separate ministry. When plans were made in 1992 for the privatisation of British Coal it fell to Heseltine to announce that 31 collieries were to close[8] including many of the mines in Nottinghamshire that had continued working during the 1984-5 strike. Although this policy was seen as a betrayal by the Nottinghamshire miners there was hardly any organised resistance to the programme. The following week a threatened rebellion by some Conservative MPs over the plans led to the number of closures being scaled back to the 10 least viable mines.[9] The government stated that since the pits were money losers they could be sustained only through unjustifiable government subsidies. Mine supporters pointed to the mines' high productivity rates and to the fact that their monetary losses were due to the large subsidies that other European nations were supplying their coal industries. Whilst Heseltine is generally seen as a One Nation Conservative, his reputation in the coalfields remains low.[citation needed] The band Chumbawamba released the critical song "Mr Heseltine meets the public" that portrayed him as an out-of-touch figure with; the same group had once dedicated a song to the village of Fitzwilliam, West Yorkshire, which was reduced to a ghost town following the closure of local pits.

In June 1993, Heseltine suffered a heart attack whilst in Venice, which led to concerns on his ability to remain in government after he was televised leaving hospital in a wheelchair. In 1994 Chris Morris jokingly implied on BBC Radio 1 that Heseltine had died, and persuaded MP Jerry Hayes to broadcast an on-air tribute. Morris was subsequently suspended. Heseltine, who after being seen as an 'arriviste' in his younger days, was now something of a grandee and elder statesman and reemerged as a serious political player in 1994 helped by his flirting with the idea of privatising the Post Office and by his testimony at the Arms to Iraq Inquiry at which it emerged that he had refused to sign the certificates attempting to withhold evidence. The cover of Private Eye announced "A Legend Lives" and one major newspaper ended an editorial by proclaiming that the "balance of probability" was that Heseltine would be Prime Minister before the end of the year - this being at a time when John Major's leadership had lost much credibility after the "Back to Basics" scandals. However there was no leadership election that autumn.

[edit] Deputy Prime Minister

In mid-1995, John Major found himself consistently opposed by a minority of Eurosceptic MPs in his party and challenged them to "put up or shut up" by resubmitting himself to a leadership election in which he was unsuccessfully opposed by John Redwood the Secretary of State for Wales. There was speculation that Heseltine's supporters would engineer Major's downfall in the hope that their man would take over, but they stayed loyal to Major.

Heseltine, who showed his ballot paper to the returning officers to prove that he had voted for Major, commented that "John Major deserves a great deal better than that from his colleagues".[10]

He was then was promoted to Deputy Prime Minister and First Secretary of State. In this capacity he chaired a number of key Cabinet committees and was also an early key enthusiast for the Millennium Dome. In December 1996 Heseltine, angering eurosceptics, joined with Conservative Chancellor Kenneth Clarke in preventing any movement away from the government's official refusal to decide on whether or not to join the single currency.

After Labour won the 1997 election, Heseltine suffered further heart trouble and declined to stand for the Conservative Party leadership again although there was still speculation that Clarke might have stood aside for him to stand as a compromise candidate. He became active in promoting the benefits for Britain of joining the single European Currency appearing on the same stage as Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Robin Cook as part of an all-party campaign to promote Euro membership. He was also made a Companion of Honour by John Major in the 1997 resignation Honours List.

[edit] Retirement

Heseltine resigned his Henley-on-Thames constituency at the 2001 election, being succeeded by Spectator editor Boris Johnson, but remained outspoken on British politics. He was given a life peerage as Baron Heseltine, of Thenford in the County of Northamptonshire.

In December 2002, Heseltine controversially called for Iain Duncan Smith to be replaced as leader of the Conservatives by the "dream-ticket" of Clarke as leader and Michael Portillo as deputy. He suggested the party's MPs vote on the matter rather than party members as currently required by party rules. Without the replacement of Duncan Smith, the party "has not a ghost of a chance of winning the next election" he said. Duncan Smith was removed the following year. In the 2005 party leadership election, he backed young moderniser David Cameron.[citation needed]

Following Cameron's election to the leadership he set up a wide-ranging policy review. Chairmen of the various policy groups included ex-Chancellor Kenneth Clarke and other former cabinet ministers John Redwood, John Gummer, Stephen Dorrell and Michael Forsyth as well as ex-leader Iain Duncan Smith. Heseltine was appointed to head the cities task force having been responsible for urban policy twice as Environment Secretary under Thatcher and Major.

He was ranked 170th in the Sunday Times Rich List 2004 with an estimated wealth of £240 million.[citation needed] He is a keen gardener and arboriculturalist and his arboretum was featured in a one-off documentary on BBC Two in December 2005.

In 2008 Heseltine took part in the BBC Wales programme Coming Home about his Welsh family history.

[edit] Publications
Michael Heseltine, Raising The Sights - A Tory Perspective, in the Primrose League Gazette, vol.91, no.2, Aug/Sept 1987 edition, London.
Julian Critchley, Heseltine - The Unauthorised Biography, André Deutsch, London, September 1987, ISBN 0-233-98001-6
Michael Crick, Michael Heseltine: A Biography, Hamish Hamilton, 1997, ISBN 0-241-13691-1
Michael Heseltine, Life in the Jungle, Hodder & Stoughton, 2000, ISBN 0-340-73915-0, written with the acknowledged assistance of Heseltine's lifelong friend Anthony Howard.

[edit] References
Michael Crick, Michael Heseltine: A Biography, Hamish Hamilton, 1997, ISBN 0-241-13691-1, p92-3
Michael Crick, Michael Heseltine: A Biography, Hamish Hamilton, 1997, ISBN 0-241-13691-1, p79
Michael Heseltine, Life in the Jungle, Hodder & Stoughton, 2000, ISBN 0-340-73915-0,p49

[edit] Notes

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[edit] External links
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Hansard 1803–2005: contributions in Parliament by Michael Heseltine

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Dr Lowenstein obtained his M.A. and Doctorate in Psychology and Education at London University, and is one of Britain’s most quoted authorities on psychology in Education. His background includes work on mental hospitals, child guidance clinics and residential centres for maladjusted adolescents in New York City. He served as a teacher, a welfare officer, and, in Australia, as a probation officer. Over the years he has held such appointments as: Director of Assessment and Guidance for maladajusted boys with learning difficulties, London and Winchester; Chief Examiner in Education Psychology, College of Preceptors, London; former educational psychologist in Essex and London; Visiting Lecturer to the Universities of London, Southampton, Maryland (U.S.A.), and Visiting Professor to the University of Khartoum (Sudan), as well as to many U.K. Colleges of Technology and teacher training colleges. His appointments have included a directorship of the International Council of Psychologists and the Chair of the Hampshire Association for Gifted Children. He has also written widely on the subject of educational psychology and forensic psychology, and as it’s first Editor-in-Chief, helped found the journal School Psychology International. Articles on his research into the philosophy, diagnosis and treatment of children with problems are available on request, as are his books.

He was made an honorary member of the Polish Medical Society for acting as consultant to the setting up of a therapeutic community near Warsaw similar to that of Allington Manor, giving lecturers and donating a book dealing with the functioning of the Centre. Louis Pasteur was one of the persons who achieved this honour outside Poland. He is currently an Educational and Psychological Consultant. He was made a fellow of the college of Preceptors and has also published books and over 360 articles on a variety of subjects including those dealing with Forensic matters. He was recently made President Elect (2010) of the Internationl Council of Psychologists.


(A) B.A. Degree. University of Western Australia, (1955-1958.)
Subjects taken:- Psychology, Education, English, German, Philosophy , Sociology.
(B) M.A. Degree. University of London, (1958 - 1960.)
Birkbeck College. Title of Research:- The Psychological Needs of Sub-Normal Children as Assessed by a Thematic Apperception Test. Examiner of Thesis - Prof. C. A. Mace.
(C) Diploma in Clinical and Educational Psychology. Institute of Psychiatry, University of London, (1961 - 1962.)
(D) Ph. D. University of London, (1966.) Main Research:- An Application of Group Operant Conditioning. Thesis Examiner:- Prof. Vernon and Dr. G. Jones.
(E) C. Psychol. AFBPsS. Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Membership Number:- 21085.


-President Elect 2010 – International Council of Psychologists
-Director, Allington Manor Psychological Services.
-Honorary Member of the Polish Medical Society.
-Member of the Association of Educational Psychologists (A.E.P.), Great Britain.
-Member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Membership no: 3064/8272.
-Visiting Professor to the Jungian Society, Zurich, Switzerland. -Member of the International Foundation of Learning. ( Canada.)
-Member of Editorial Board of the International Journal of Group Tensions. -Member of Editorial Board of Special Services in the Schools Journal. -Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Applied School Psychology. -Consulting Editor:- Suicide and Life Threatening Behaviour Journal.
-Member of the Special Group in Clinical Neuropsychology.
-Member of The British Academy of Forensic Sciences.
-Member of Editorial Board of Quarterly Journal of Mental Health.

-Previous Experience:-

-(1968 - 1974.) Chief Educational Psychologist, Hampshire C.C.
- Head of Psychology and Educational Psychology in charge of 12 qualified psychologists, other staff and trainees.
-Visiting Lecturer to the Department of Sociology for the University of Southampton and Reading College of Technology.
-(1974 - 1976.) Independent Clinical - Educational Consultant Psychologist. -Director of Assessment and Guidance Centre ( London and Winchester.) -Visiting Lecturer:- London University; University of Southampton; Reading College of Technology; Southampton Technical College; and University of Maryland, U.S.A.
-Visiting Professor of Psychology and Education, Faculty of Education, University of Khartoum, Omdurman, Sudan
- Development of Child Guidance and Special Education in the Sudan. -Former Editor-in-Chief,and a founder member of School Psychology International. (1979 - 1985.).
-Former Director of International Council of Psychologists (ICP) (1981 - 3.) -Former Chairman - Hampshire Branch of the Association for Gifted Children, (1981 - 1983.)
- Chairman and Trustee – Children of High Intelligence 2008/09
-Former Honorary Secretary of I.S.P.A. (1983 - 1985.)
-Former Chairman of the Consultative Committee on Solvent Abuse, Hampshire.
-Former Treasurer of the British Rorschach Forum Trust
-(1964 - 1967) Area Clinical Psychologist for Essex, (1964.)
-(1962 - 1964) Educational Psychologist, London County Council.
-(Before 1962.) Market Research, Industrial Psychology. Teacher. Research, Journalism, Army (Paratrooper), Tree - Felling, Lifeguard, Factory Worker, Farmer, Sailor, Swimming Instructor, Security Guard, Painter, Carpenter, Boat Builder, Foundry Worker.


(A) Prof. Charles Spielberger, Director, Centre for Research on Community Psychology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida 33620, U.S.A.
(B) Dr Peter Merenda, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881, U.S.A. (C) Dr Frances Culbertson, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, 800 West Main Street, Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190, U.S.A.
(D) Mr W. Briggs, 2 Lynford Avenue, Winchester, Hants.
(E) Dr G, Watson, 49 Woodfield Drive, Winchester, Hants.
(F) Professor C. Mace, (Deceased) - Testimonial.
(G) Professor Sybil Eysenck, Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill, London. SE5 8AH, Great Britain.


(A) American Psychological Association. – Member & Foreign Affiliate.
(B) National Association of Gifted Children. - Consultant to.
(C) Chairman of CHI (Children of High Intelligence)
(D) International Council of Psychologists. - Director (1983.) Director 2nd term (1999-2000)
(E) Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.
(F) Fellow of the College of Preceptors (now the College of Teachers).
(G) UK Register of Expert Witnesses.
(H) The Expert Witness Directory.
(I) Member of the Academy of Expert Witnesses.
(J) Member of Expert Witness.
(K) APIL Expert Witness Database.
(L) AVMA Database.
(M) Chartered Scientist of British Psychological Society

Southern England Psychological Services


The international handbook of parental alienation syndrome: ... - Google Books Result A. Gardner, S. Richard Sauber, Demosthenes Lorandos - 2006 - Medical - 458 pages
... AND TREATMENT OF THE PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME LUDWIG F. LOWENSTEIN OVERVIEW The ... syndrome (PAS) have been studied by pioneer Dr. Richard Gardner and others. ... One researcher, Gardner has a great deal of work in this area. ...

Families need fathers
Dr Ludwig Lowenstein ... Dr Richard Gardner ... A Follow-up Study" written by Richard Gardner was published in the American Journal of Forensic Psychology, ...




"At the present time, the sexually abused child is generally considered to be the victim," though the child may initiate sexual encounters by 'seducing' the adult."

Gardner, Richard A., Child Custody Litigation (1986), p.93

Sexualizing children can have procreative purposes, because a sexualized child is more likely to reproduce at an earlier age. "The younger the survival machine at the time sexual urges appear, the longer will be the span of procreative capacity, and the greater the likelihood the individual will create more survival machines in the next generation."

Gardner, Richard A., True and False Accusations of Child Sex Abuse (1992), pp.24-25

"It is of interest that of all the ancient peoples it may very well be that the Jews were the only ones who were punitive toward pedophiles."

Ibid. pp.46-47

Many child advocates are "charlatans, and/or psychopaths, and/or incompetents."

Ibid. p.526

"It is extremely important for therapists to appreciate that the child who has been genuinely abused may not need psychotherapeutic intervention."

Ibid. p.535

"There is a whole continuum that must be considered here, from those children who were coerced and who gained no pleasure (and might even be considered to have been raped) to those who enjoyed immensely (with orgastic responses) the sexual activities."

Ibid. p.548

"Older children may be helped to appreciate that sexual encounters between an adult and a child are not universally considered to be reprehensible act. The child might be told about other societies in which such behavior was and is considered normal. The child might be helped to appreciate the wisdom of Shakespeare's Hamlet, who said, 'Nothing's either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.' In such discussions the child has to be helped to appreciate that we have in our society an exaggeratedly punitive and moralistic attitude about adult-child sexual encounters."

Ibid. p.549

"If the mother has reacted to the abuse in a hysterical fashion, or used it as an excuse for a campaign of denigration of the father, then the therapist does well to try and 'sober her up'... Her hysterics... will contribute to the child's feeling that a heinous crime has been committed and will thereby lessen the likelihood of any kind of rapproachment with the father. One has to do everything possible to help her put the 'crime' in proper perspective. She has to be helped to appreciate that in most societies in the history of the world, such behavior was ubiquitous, and this is still the case."

Ibid. p.584-585

"Mothers who have been sexually abused as children may have residual anger toward her molesting father or other sexual molester, and this may be interfering with her relationship with her husband. This should be explored in depth, and she should be helped to reduce such residual anger... Perhaps she can be helped to appreciate that in the history of the world his behavior has probably been more common than the restrained behavior of those who do not sexually abuse their children."

Ibid. p.585

"It is likely that the mother has sexual problems... In many cases she herself was sexually molested as a child... She may never have achieved an orgasm -- in spite of the fact that she was sexually molested, in spite of the fact that she had many lovers, and in spite of the fact that she is now married. The therapist, then, does well to try to help her achieve such gratification. Verbal statements about the pleasures of orgastic response are not likely to prove very useful. One has to encourage experiences, under proper situations of relaxation, which will enable her to achieve the goal of orgastic response... Vibrators can be extremely useful in this regard, and one must try to overcome any inhibition she may have with regard to their use... her own diminished guilt over masturbation will make it easier for her to encourage the practice in her daughter, if this is warranted. And her increased sexuality may lessen the need for her husband to return to their daughter for sexual gratification."

Ibid. pp.584-585

"If he [the molesting father] doesn't know this already, he has to be helped to appreciate that pedophilia has been considered the norm by the vast majority of individuals in the history of the world. He has to be helped to appreciate that, even today, it is a widespread and accepted practice among literally billions of people. He has to appreciate that in our Western society especially, we take a very punitive and moralistic attitude toward such inclinations... He has had a certain amount of back [sic] luck with regard to the place and time he was born with regard to social attitudes toward pedophilia. However, these are not reasons to condemn himself."

Ibid. pp.593

"Of relevance here is the belief by many of these therapists that a sexual encounter between an adult and a child -- no matter how short, no matter how tender, loving, and non-painful -- automatically and predictably must be psychologically traumatic to the child... The determinant as to whether the experience will be traumatic is the social attitude toward these encounters."

Ibid. pp.670-71

"I believe it is reasonable to say that at this time there are millions of people in the United States who are either directly accusing or supporting false sex-abuse accusations and/or are reacting in an extremely exaggerated fashion to situations in which bona fide sex abuse has occurred."

Ibid. p.688

Mandated reporting of child abuse has resulted in the "reporting of the most frivolous and absurd accusations by two- and three-year-olds, vengeful former wives, hysterical mothers of nursery school children, and severely disturbed women against their elderly fathers."

Gardner, Richard A., Issues in Child Abuse Accusations, 5(1), p.26

"We need well-publicized civil lawsuits against incompetent and/or overzealous psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, child protection workers, 'child advocates,' police, and detectives whose ineptitude has promulgated a false accusation."

Ibid. p.26



False Memory Syndrome Foundation - Wikipedia, the free ...

22 Feb 2007 – The publishers of this journal were Hollida Wakefield and Ralph Underwager. The Freyds' daughter is Jennifer Freyd, Ph.D., Professor of ...


Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. . . . Paedophiles can make the assertion that the pursuit of intimacy and love is what they choose. With boldness they can say, "I believe this is in fact part of God's will. --Dr. Ralph Underwager in this interview with Paidika,
a European pro-pedophile publication.
Dr. Ralph Underwager earned his masters of Divinity from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri, and his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, and has been, since 1974, Director of the Institute for Psychological Therapies in Northfield, Minnesota. Besides being a staff psychologist in a clinic, Dr. Underwager has also been a pastor at Lutheran churches in Iowa and Minnesota. He is a member of the National Council for Children's Rights, the American Psychological Association, the Lutheran Academy for Scholarship, and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex, among others.
Hollida Wakefield received her M.A., from the University of Maryland, where she also completed the course work for her Ph.D. She has worked as an elementary school teacher, a college psychology instructor, and since 1976 as a staff psychologist at the Institute of Psychological Therapies. Her memberships include the National Council for Children's Rights, the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, and the American College of Forensic Psychology. She and Dr. Underwager are married.
Ms. Wakefield and Dr. Underwager are the publishers of the journal, "Issues in Child Abuse Accusations." They co-edited the volumes: "Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse" and "The Real World of Child Interrogations." They have written numerous articles on the interrogation of children, the role of the psychologist in assessing child abuse cases, the evaluation of child witnesses, and the manipulation of the child abuse system. They regularly appear as expert witnesses and give training sessions to jurists, psychologists, and laymen.
This interview was conducted in Amsterdam in June 1991 by "Paidika," Editor-in-Chief, Joseph Geraci.


Zoompad said...

These people are as crafty as hell. They pull the wool over the eyes of a lot of people. They are experts all right - expert liars, expert con artists.

They don't fool the Lord though. The Lord sees everything they do.

This is why paedophiles hate Christians. They know God speaks to Christians.

The Lord protects his children though. They plot and do wicked things, but every time they make a plot it all gets exposed and makes them more visible.

It is just like the story of 3 Billy Goats Gruff. The evil troll smacks lis lips and tries to get the little baby goat, who hasn't got any horns, but the big Daddy goat ends up butting the wicked troll off the bridge, BIFF!

Thats what's goinhg to happen to this lot, the Lord told me that. The Lord told me not to accept Lord Ramsbothams kind offer to help me in the Secret Family Courts, He told me to write back to Lord Ramsbotham (who is a very kind man) and thank him and ask him if he could help Stuart Syvret instead, because the Lord told me that He was going to be my advocate in the Secret Family Court after I sacked my crook of a lawyer Murray Cantlay. So thats what I did. It is always the best thing to do, to obey the Lord.

Zoompad said...

No-one can actually see the Lord. I can't see him, or even hear him with my ears - except one time when I heard him call my name one day when I was feeling very scared, that was a long time ago. It was really funny, it was like the voice was coming from down a really long echoey tunnel, I have never had anything so weird happen to me before.

But anyway, I don't hear the Lord with my ears, it's like I feel his words in my heart. Some people might actually hear his voice with their ears but I dont. He shows me things, like he promised, he said the Holy Spirit would come. He showed me all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. I didnt know who they were unbtil the Lord showed me, I was crying because the secret family courts were bullying me, accusing me of Parental Alienation Syndrome, but they didnt call it that, they didnt use the name, so I didn't know anything at all about it, and couldnt understand why they were bullying me and accusing me of stuff. The Lord led me to the truth.

Zoompad said...

The Lord kept saying to me that it was all right that he loved me that I wouldnt be destroyed, but it was very hard for me, I kept crying, and got very ill, and ended up in hospital with pneumonia. They were all like a pack of wolves chasing a rabbit. You cannot imagine how cruel and relentless these people are until you fall prey to them. They are utterly ruthless.

But the Lord protected me, and told me that he wouldnt let them destroy me. Now I think I understand those Bible passages about soaring on eagles wings.

The Lord is gentle and kind.

The Lord told me that these wicked ones could be saved from the wrath to come if they repent. He told me hell wasn't made for people. The Lord is so gentle and kind.

Zoompad said...

I didnt understand so many things before all this happened. I thought the Lord was going to come and destroy all the wicked ones.

The Lord said so clearly He is coming back. The world is already doomed! It's nothing to the Lord, this planet, just a speck of dust in a vast universe.

It's us He cares about, he made the planet for us, it's our home. Reading Genesis is very enlightening. Moses and God talked together about a lot of things. God told Moses a lot of stuff.

Sometimes people have to move house. Not many people really want to move house, but sometimes you have to. When the Lord comes back it will be like moving house for those of us who love him. I don't see how it is possible to know God and not love him, because he is so lovely. But some people apparently do know all about him and hate him, but I dont know why.

ian josephs said...

I RECOMMEND Dr Lowenstein though I have never met him because he does not like social workers or the family court system and the ss object if parents nominate him as their expert !
I had never heard of Richard Gardner until I read his name on your site today.
Michael Hesltine was an old friend at University but I have not done

Zoompad said...

Oh you fibbing rascal! Yes you had heard about Gardner, because I was shouting my head off about him for two years on Mothers for Justice, and you were reading that website, furthermore I asked you for help and you sent a nasty email back to me (as you did to other PAS accused women) and told you all about Gardner!

Zoompad said...

And the reason Lowenstein does not like social workers is pretty understandable, considering the damning report Hampshire Social Services did on his childrens home!

Zoompad said...

I went to Hell and back again in that secret family court, and I ended up so ill because of the persecutiuon and the stress that I landed in hospital with pneumonia and thought I was going to die, and people were laughing their bloody heads off at my distress. It is pure wicked disgusting evil what was done to me during that time and to laugh and snigger at someone in that condition is, well, just evil.

You knew perfectly well what I was going through Ian.

What the hell did I ever do to any of you to deserve to be treated in such a disgusting way?

God saw what happened.

ian josephs said...

I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I HAVE NEVER SENT A NASTY EMAIL TO ANYBODY !I deal with at least 6 phone calls from different parents or grandparents every day which means over 2000 calls (mostly i call back at my expense) in the year so I never remember names for long and Gardner does not ring a bell with me !I also pay for pregnant ladies to escape to Ireland ,who else does that??

Zoompad said...

Oh, how can you tell such a bare faced lie?

You know perfectly well who I am! You heard me speak at Stafford - you were there, you were standing right next to me in front of a big orange banner at Stafford, with Robert Green and Kevin Annette and so many others, how can you lie?

Why did you treat me so badly? Why did you all gang up on me and make my life so miserable that I wanted to be dead?

You should repent.

Zoompad said...

You recommend Lowenstein and yet you claim you don't know anything about him!

You recommend Lowenstein because he does not like social workers!


You are either an extremly naive man dabbling in something you would be well advised not to dabble in, or something more sinister.

You say you dont know anything about Richard Gardner. Then you'd better start finding out about him, and Ralph Underwager, quick sharp, before your meddling puts any more children in danger.

ian josephs said...

Well I seem to be the only contributor to a site run by an anonymous lady who does not like me !There were many people at Stafford AND NONE WERE CALLED ZOOMPAD ! I have taken more than 10,000 calls in the last 5 years and I never remember names just cases but anyone can speak to me right away.I recommend anyone who is recommended to me by parents.The point is I often pay for phone calls and usually also pay for travel tickets to Ireland for pregnant mothers,plus of couse the occasional lawyer for distressed parents if the case is bad enough.I think I make a useful contribution to families in distress.You should attack your enemies not your allies !

Zoompad said...

Explain this away then Ian Josephs!


Anonymous said...

Nice one Zoompad

You are absolutely spot on.

There are far too many out there that are pretending to help families and giving in reality very little support.

There seems to be a massive coverup going on and we will probably find out quite soon that many have been working for the other side all along, which is why nothing ever happens to them.

People must trust their own instincts and ask to see the proof of all the successes these so-called allies claim they have had.

Funny those with money or position never seem to have anything happen to them or their families.

Zoompad said...

It's only because of the horrible time I had when they all ganged up on me (the Orees) on Mothers for Justice, that I found out, and that day when I wept like a baby over the computer, and just cried out to God to please help me, and then I found that Ralph Underwager site. I dont care if noone believes me, I know it was God who showed me that site, I know it was an answer to prayer.

But those wicked powerful ones, they just look at people like me as ants to be stamped on. The Orees were shocked when I won my court case, they were expecting me to be destroyed. I haven't written about all the dirty scummy tricks they tried to play on me, I've only written about some of the stuff they did, it was horrible.

Zoompad said...

We have a powerful friend, who is always there for us, if only we would invite him in to our lives. He lived for us and he died for us, and he rose again for us. He didnt need to rise from the dead, that was for us to witness, but he wanted to show us our own wickedness, and held a mirror up to us. If Jesus was walking the earth as a man right now, the human race would plot against himk and murder him, just as we did 2000 years ago. There is no way I would have survived what the Orees did to me if I had not had Jesus watching over me.

Anonymous said...

Where's the photograph gone of Heseltine and David Cameron shaking hands with the common purpose child abuser ?

Why is it that nearly every newspaper article has Josephs and Hemming joined at the hip along with the newest reporter ?

Strange how plenty of information has been gathered over the years but without full exposure of what the SS and secret courts have been upto.

Have to ask yourself why they dont just provide full disclose of the facts and figures if they really wanted the truth to come out.

Zoompad said...

Hemming could blow the whole Secret Family Court/Pindown child abuse scandal (it's the same thing run by the same wicked devils) out in the fresh air if he wanted to, he could get the whole horrible story on the front page of every National newspaper, with very little effort, but he won't.

The reason he will not is the same reason that he and his pals did not like me publicising the fact that Parental Alienation Syndrome and False Memory Syndrome were invented by paedophiles.

Hemming and Josephs always make sure they get a foot under the door every time there is a fresh break out of newspaper reportage, to ensure that the stories are kept as nicely isolated as possible.

According to them and their cronies I have got a witches hat and me and a black cat ride a broomstick all night long, brewing up trouble. They have allowed me to be bullied to hell and back for posting the truth about Gardner and Underwager, a really evil thing to do when there is so much easy loot to be made out of PAS and FMS.

Anonymous said...

You really ought to attack your enemies not your allies! I help parents by phone when ss take or try to take their children.This seems to annoy you......

Zoompad said...

You blooming lying hound! You've got the cheek of the devil even breathing anywhere near me, let alone posting on my blog! You don't help anyone, you're one of the craftiest nastiest men to set foot on this planet! How DARE you try to carry on your odious lie to me!!!!!

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, when you replied to my emails pathetically begging you to help me, and you wrote back so curtly, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, thinking that you must be overwhelmed with so many mother mothers begging to be helped. But when I met you at Stafford, your face told me everything I need to know about you, Mr Crafty.

Praise the Lord that you didn't "help" me! You wicked wicked man, you ought to be on your knees repenting what you have done - He is the one who will never fall for your wicked lies, because He sees everything!

Zoompad said...

And you can tell that other wicked conniving scumbag that if I ever see him at any more of the anti child abuse conferences he will get the biggest nagging of his life.